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  1. From Usaa see your cli in your usaa app + 5000 to 10k ...cool
  2. Surprised! Email saying my plain usaa rewards visa cli +5000 to 10k I'll take it.
  3. I have heard that before it seems like. I have 2 quicksilvers and Walmart store card that I think cap1 inherited from synchrony. Walmart hates me for the last 5+ years for cli's. QS1 15.5k QS2 3300 and Walmart stuck at 6k. All pretty much useless as my credit has improved.
  4. Had usaa rewards visa for 5 years. Starting limit was 2k. Asked for cli on it last year hard pull got 5k. Late night, last month, few random apps (not advisable but worked out ok) apped for the usaa amex rewards SL 15k, was surprised. I have checking savings and insurance.
  5. Shoot I had to Google that 🤣. I didn't even notice, looked at the rewards and threw it in the trash .
  6. Was right there last year at this time. It's pretty awesome when they are all gone . 👍
  7. I really didn't expect 22.5 out the gate. Any idea how high it could go over time? Any auto cli's or always have to hit the luv button?
  8. Thanks that helps me feel better. Going to use it as the "everything else" card.
  9. Well I couldn't stand it anymore pulled the trigger on the Fidelity card 18 months zero apr, couldn't believe the starting limit. Of course got approved then looked at reviews. Does Elan really suck that bad? Based on lot of the reviews for lousy customer service and technical glitches causing issues, probably right to the sock drawer. Anyone have good or bad experiences with them?
  10. Penfed pre approved platinum rewards. 15k points when spend 1500 1st 90 days. Mildly tempting but all 3 fico 8's just hit 760's. Really trying to hold out for chase. Long wait till April 2023 to be within 5/24 . 😕
  11. Discover (2nd) +2000 to 9500. Button of love 1.5 months since last cli
  12. Might not be right but I'd pay $7k to each get both@ 53% utilization then pay down highest interest rate first. I both apr's are the same i would get them below 49% asap then slam one then the other.
  13. Well had the big idea to roll the dice with care credit cli. Asked for 25k from 15k the through me 20k ... 49k exposure with Sync, 220k total credit. I'm thinking that's about it with Sync? Dare I hit the tjmaxx card !!!?
  14. Shocked! Just for the heck of it i hit the Lowe's card love button a week or so ago, instant decline. Got letter in the mail today they needed to verify my identity called them and shoot +8,000 to 25k. Got some back from Sync after they closed marvel last year.
  15. Awesome! I may have to re-read this frequently. 👍
  16. Waiting for the right card is tough, I do love cc instant gratification so I'll take all the encouraging words available. I've reached my highest fico 8's ever... EX 746, TU and EQ 744. I might have gone for 2 sock drawer cards too many last summer that had ok SUBS. I now regret. Just gotta hold on till March 23, 2023 Need a support group lol. Pining for the Flex or CSP . Thanks for letting me share and all the help I've gotten from CB 😁
  17. Yeah Amex Blue Cash Preferred BCP $95 AF is a great card. 6% groceries 3% gas. Note groceries/ and gas can't be from Costco, Sam's type stores. I think Streaming services is either 3 or 6% too
  18. I do sort of mix it up a little by trying to get everything under 79% utilization in your case and the 69% etc.
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