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  1. Correction checking account. 10 debit card transactions and direct deposit $200 /month and right now ya get 4% up to $3k 1.5% after
  2. Pros and cons? Looks like they have 4% on savings? I just glanced at it, will look a little more.
  3. Yeah there wasn't anything for q3 on the Amazon card , had 5% q2 for gas. Was pleasantly surprised when I checked today.
  4. Yes I maxed out my groceries in August $6000. But still get 6% for streaming, I don't think there's a streaming cap. Glad we have wifeys BCP for rest of year groceries. Groceries = good πŸ˜‹
  5. Note: amex bcp gives 6% reward on streaming 😁
  6. I just saved $36 / month calling my homeowners guy, upped deductible from 500 to 950 πŸ‘
  7. Well I really appreciate the heads up on deductibles I just checked mine sort of shocked that it was at 1k changed to 500 (3 cars 1 teenager) changed the 6 month premium $1.72 /month. Probably will lower it some more.
  8. I'm not particularly a fan.
  9. Outstanding! πŸ‘
  10. I checked a month or so ago showed 20k for 10+% . Just now checked shows 19.2k for 7.98 . So the right direction. They cut it in half in next 6 months might be useful, I don't see that happening πŸ€”
  11. So wouldn't be horrible to just shop for best pre approved options and have that option going in?
  12. Directing them to manufacturer financing avoids the multiple hard pulls?
  13. We're probably going to have to get a replacement car for the wifey when teenager gets her 2013 Toyota camry around next March. We haven't had a car payment in 5 years it's been nice. I've read a lot about multiple hard pulls with dealer financing but decent rates is it always like that. We bought the camry in 2013 with DCU pre approval rate 2.99 % Should I just stick with that or is there a strategy for dealer financing options to get lower rate without all the hard pulls. We're looking at Toyota or Lexus and maybe the suburu Forrester for DW's replacement...any idea's?
  14. It's mainly @TheVig ' fault right? All those points he saves up. 🀣
  15. I'd go for chase first if I was under 5/24. NFCU will always be there. I too am pining for my first chase card I just have to get the hang of delaying cc sub gratification on other cards πŸ˜†
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