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  1. I also haven't seen this...yet
  2. 682 > 740. First time in 700's! Old student loan late pays fell off and lower cc utilization 😁
  3. DW scored Amex 3x cli 61 days from opening 8000 to 24k. She has thin file 760+ scores. We opened that one and chase prime Amazon visa 2 months ago. What's the Chase cli strategy? Wait for automatic cli or push the button at 6 or 12 months?
  4. I'm confused (easily). They're closing all credit card accounts? And offering new card in July? Explain...
  5. Looks like a snoozer offer. Been member for 5 years . No penfed cards yet probably keep it that way. Trying to hold out for Chase. They denied app for Flex in May, got a couple other decent subs citi and Regions bank. 1 spot left for chase for 5/24. Might give it 6 months.
  6. I've seen the reports that everyone's Marvel card is supposed to close tomorrow. Some people received an email about it in April. I didn't get one, I think that's about the last straw for any more synchrony accounts. I have an open Lowe's card with 17k on it , zero balance no use in 3 months. Off to Lowe's I go this weekend.
  7. Yeah me too I'll get that quick 300 off the furniture and run 🤣
  8. I know! I meant to think it and ended up saying it!
  9. Regions Pre-screened offer approved $3000 0% 18 months, $300 cashback for 1000 spend in 3 months.
  10. Oh I know how to make CV cry! Maybe I'll push the button on that Discover balance txr pre approval I've been ignoring, that'll give 2 Discoveries . 🤣
  11. Oh that sounds good but I have the wife factor! 6 months ago I sorta said "yeah we can get some new furniture in June" she remembers! 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Yes, right now I have zero balances on 11 of 19 cards. The 8 with balances are in a range between 20% and 48% and falling. My overall utilization is at 26%. The immediate gratification factor i see is being able to payoff 1 high interest rate card and almost half of another with available cash and get $300 discount with regions. BTW the longer vision will be new home mortgage maybe in 1 year to 18 mos. So will be avoiding new credit in a few months. If I did regions I'd probably would only go 5 or 6 mos to payoff.
  13. Wait i thought you were CV!? 🤣 I could pay cash without issue, was thinking how can I leverage paying other high interest cc's and the thought of a 300 discount was appealing. I was going to string them out for 6 months, while I used extra cash to payoff couple high interest CC namely home depot and marvel cards. Which might only take 4 or 5 months. Then sock drawer. After sub rewards only 1.5. And yes I'm right there with not being accustomed to better offers. 😕 I'm really glad I actually posted before pulling the trigger . Impulsivity has been a monster in the past.
  14. I'm happy with my BCP . Good if spend over 3000 in groceries out to 6000 plus 6% off Streaming
  15. BTW I don't have any prior banking relationship with them. Should that be an issue?
  16. My plan was to wait till November or so before any new cards, preferably my first Chase card. I've opened 2 cards /24 one in November and one in March. Just need a little validation that this is a decent offer . 18 mos no interest on purchas , 300 cash back 1000 spend in 3 months,we are going to spend about 3000 on furniture in June. What do y'all think?
  17. I hadn't asked USAA For cli in couple years it was worth the hard pull inquiry
  18. Wow a little time and not being dumb really goes a long way. Today's first ever milestone: All Fico 8's in the 730's, Ex 731, Tu 736, Eq 737. Overall utilization down to 26%, all cards under 49% , 11 of 19 cards with zero balances. Keepin on!
  19. Discover waited about 110 days since last cli denial. 12,900 to 14,400 +1500.
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