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  1. Question wifey shows chase cards pre approved, but she's 6x24, now, will be 4/24 in March, don't do it right? Wait till March/April?
  2. Discover1 +3000 to 20.9k after 3 monthly "no's" been asking right after statement cut.
  3. DW's Amex BCP 6 month cli request instant +2000 to 32k. Was going to ask for 8k but don't want ruffle amex's feathers.
  4. 762 -20 πŸ˜• couple balances showed before I could get them maybe 😏
  5. I thought it was quarterly as well. Mine updated July 12th.
  6. Correction checking account. 10 debit card transactions and direct deposit $200 /month and right now ya get 4% up to $3k 1.5% after
  7. Pros and cons? Looks like they have 4% on savings? I just glanced at it, will look a little more.
  8. Yeah there wasn't anything for q3 on the Amazon card , had 5% q2 for gas. Was pleasantly surprised when I checked today.
  9. Yes I maxed out my groceries in August $6000. But still get 6% for streaming, I don't think there's a streaming cap. Glad we have wifeys BCP for rest of year groceries. Groceries = good πŸ˜‹
  10. Note: amex bcp gives 6% reward on streaming 😁
  11. I just saved $36 / month calling my homeowners guy, upped deductible from 500 to 950 πŸ‘
  12. Well I really appreciate the heads up on deductibles I just checked mine sort of shocked that it was at 1k changed to 500 (3 cars 1 teenager) changed the 6 month premium $1.72 /month. Probably will lower it some more.
  13. I'm not particularly a fan.
  14. I checked a month or so ago showed 20k for 10+% . Just now checked shows 19.2k for 7.98 . So the right direction. They cut it in half in next 6 months might be useful, I don't see that happening πŸ€”
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