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  1. Welcome to Creditboards lotta smart people on here. For my 2 cents worth if I'm reading it right , you should be able to do what your planning, and I'm thinking most cards would like that, just payoff by due date, wait till statement cuts should be few days later, repeat. Ya gotta know what date your statement cuts, maybe leave small balance, other smart people will chime in.
  2. Well Citi today says payment was returned from CU. Citi cancelled the payment won't resubmit, no adverse actions they say. I did make a large payment from another payment account so looks like dodged a bullet. I might have entered wrong info even though I don't think I did.
  3. Yes. Fingers crossed...the citi supervisor was real good.
  4. Quick update CU blames the citi pmt account, citi supervisor couldn't confirm pmt acct info except for last 5 digits, which is the same for checking and savings at the cu. The 1st 3 digits determine account type. Citi supervisor assured me the would resubmit with no adverse actions.
  5. Thanks HD. Also I piled some cash into the savings account just in case citi resubmits. And I was just thinking ...this gardening thing is really boring, waiting for the right time to get my 1st chase card...well I'm no longer bored lol. I've seen a few weirdities over the years with the local CU , couple odd charges then immediate reversals on the checking account maybe 3 of those in the last 7 years hasn't ever cost me $$$. Hopefully the CU will wrap this up tomorrow. Have 8:30am appt. Will keep y'all posted.
  6. Oops one sec I only have a citi cc account. No other citi accounts. Only payment account citi had was the credit union checking.
  7. Yes. and I "triple" confirmed that Citi only had the correct checking account information.
  8. I only have CC account with citi. I'll no more Monday
  9. So in today's news, last night my citi pmt from local credit union pmt source (checking) shows my savings account nsf from citi pmt. Charged 35. I contacted citi by chat and phone to confirm correct pmt source account info was confirmed for the checking account. Hope it clears up on Monday. I'll see what the credit union says at that time, closed on weekends. Certainly don't want penalty apr , late pmt etc. Due date not till 5/10. I put money in the savings account just in case citi tries it again Nervous!
  10. Google article nerdwallet 11/2020 made it look like the did, called rep said no and didn't think they ever did that.
  11. Thinking...combine limit from QS 3300 CL to QS 2 CL 15.5k ? Would like to be able to think about getting Savor card maybe in future. The Walmart card has 6000 CL it's in the sock drawer. Wondering if having the store card is a problem with cap1's 2 card limit after combining and if I went for the savor card. Note: I'll be going for Chase as 1st next card. Any ideas?
  12. Just closed fee sucking BOA checking and Savings accounts that I won't be able to have minimum deposit Amts to be fee free. Busy paying off my 28% utilization debt, down from 70+% last year around this time. Keeping Emergency fund in penfed high yield savings account. And piling money into 401k. 7 years to retirement. Checking accounts still open with fee free USAA, DCU and local credit union.
  13. No Science to backup, I usually do 20% down pmt and try to go for 3 or 4 year loan, never longer term.
  14. 703 +8. First time over 700 woohooo!
  15. HD! Your post made me see if I was pre-qualified for the Dell card, pre-qualified for $5000, nice to have some positive pre-qualify "entertainment" while I wait to get 2 cards below 30% so I can have shot for my first Chase card maybe late Summer.
  16. Only thing I can think of for me was older Avant closed positive loan
  17. I've got them on my EX 3B for for fico 2 and under mortgage scores
  18. I think that went away quite some time ago, others will chime in to confirm.
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