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  1. The smart guys might know of one. Most are about every 6 months In general here's mine: Amex 6 months after last cli approval (not sure but think 90 days after denial BOA (hates me) 6 months Discover (whenever ya want) once a month Cap1 (hates me) every 6 months Citi 6 months Usaa 6 months (I don't like the hard pull so I do once a year) Those are my main ones , I know I'm missing some. Good luck!
  2. Barclay Wyndham earner email pre approval 7500 pts. sub. Was 30000 last year 😕. Kinda would like to get my first Barclay card but just not quite enough to get my first Barclay card . 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Saw @centex good fortune and logged into citi. No auto cli. But widget said was eligible for credit increase no inquiry. Entered info + 1800 to 7100. Ok fine I'll take it 😁
  4. Amex business blue cash and us bank triple cash business i do believe do not report to personal.
  5. Wait 91 days for next amex cli request after denial? Almost tempted to ask for 2x sooner just for science but don't want to poke em unnecessarily 🤓
  6. Yup that was mine too. Weird wonder of they just freaking out over the economy. I've not ever seen that before from amex
  7. I got 3x 6 months ago. But declined for 3x last week due to income. Scratched my head income pretty good fico 8s in the 760's low or no utilization. Can't remember last time I was denied by amex. Got email right after 7 to 10 day letter with the reason.
  8. I log into my account on my laptop enter "credit limit increase" in chat help . Pulls up link to enable request. Been like this for me about a year. No sign of link f[r that long.
  9. Downdetector.com showed widespread issues with visa and Mastercard network Friday still showing spotty issues over the weekend and today. 🤓
  10. I think I'm just gonna chill unless something amazing comes up. My current credit card line up is pretty strong, Amex BCP 6% groceries, PNC cash rewards 4% gas, Citi Custom cash 5% Restaurants. Amex hhonors Surpass for hotels etc. Don't really fly much. Something like the freedom flex would really be one that would be most useful. (Penfed power cash and Fidelity visa for my catch all 2%)
  11. In 12 months I'll be at 4/24. Would like the freedom flex for the good rewards.
  12. So I'm weak, need encouragement! Got the WF active cash pre screen in mail with the $200 sub. I'll be < 5/24 for chase in 12 months., would love to think I can wait... on one hand I've sworn to avoid a relationship with WF due to the obvious previous WF issues. On the other hand I no longer carry balances and would love the "free" $200. What y'all think. Stay strong or cave? BTW already have 2 good catchall 2% cards 🤓
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