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  1. Amex BCP is the only one left. Have just about made up the AF this year with rewards.
  2. Just checked ACR. No collection on EQ. 😁
  3. Credit Karma fako reported last collection fell off EQ at 6 yrs and 7months this weekend woohoooo. I think it will fall off EX later this month and TU in November. At least thats what paper reports said I pulled last month. Now to keep working on my 57% cc utilization. EX fico 8 = 683 , TU fico 8 = 676. Will probably look for balance txr , if they exist toward January or so.
  4. Just for data point 16 months since last purchase .
  5. Think it's from inactivity. Should have bought a T-shirt. Probably has been 1 year or so since last use. Think I should hit the button to get it back? Don't really want to burn an inquiry with them. Call there customer service? Just leave alone and keep paying down debt? My Discover CLI, +1000,last month makes it sort of a non event
  6. In March I asked Discover to give me an extra month. They did no adverse actions at that time. 1st cli in forever, from them last month. No remarks etc. On CR. Ymmv
  7. Just a data point penfed score has been unavailable for at least a week 🤓
  8. I recently had ID questions which had absolutely no relation to me. 🙄
  9. Oh shoot it's 12 month term. I should be able to pay off early. 🤓
  10. My gut tells me just to keep slamming the debt like I have for the last couple months. My utilization has gone from 72% to 58%. Any merit to this DCU loan. At first glance 10% is much lower than the rate on most of my cards that still have balances. Loan amt preapproved is $2000 6 months, 10%. I'm really waiting hopefully for a bal txr card offer from nfcu or other maybe by early 2021. I'd throw all of it to the highest rate card. What do y'all think? If the DCU rate was 5% probably be a no brainer. Btw I have no inquiries all 3 last 2 years.
  11. Kind of shocked! Discover luv +1000 from 11,900 to 12,900. 59% overall utilization no cards over 89%, many under 49% 4 cards zero balance. Discover utilization was at about 79%
  12. NFCU 0% 12 month balance txr invite. Probably should wait till couple individual cards are below 79%. Most others are below 49%, couple at 68%. Overall utilization down to 58%. Workin on slamming the debt! 🤓 TU FICO 662 EX fico 676

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