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  1. 703 +8. First time over 700 woohooo! 😁
  2. HD! Your post made me see if I was pre-qualified for the Dell card, pre-qualified for $5000, nice to have some positive pre-qualify "entertainment" while I wait to get 2 cards below 30% so I can have shot for my first Chase card maybe late Summer.
  3. You’re invited to apply for the Avant Card! 🙄
  4. Only thing I can think of for me was older Avant closed positive loan
  5. I've got them on my EX 3B for for fico 2 and under mortgage scores
  6. I think that went away quite some time ago, others will chime in to confirm.
  7. Yes sir, sort of pining for double cash back will wait for the right time e.g. pre approval mailer.
  8. March 19th, 2021 3B progress check in.. Ex 715, Eq 734, Tu 734 . 28% overall utilization, 2 cards to go to get under 49% . 12 cards with zero balances. 😁
  9. Thanks CV. EQ and TU are now at 731, EX 717, funny how slamming that debt really helps. Still a ways to go.
  10. Citi Diamond preferred pre approval mailer. Just 2 weeks ago jumped on citi rewards + pre approval mailer, surprised to get this so soon, not really looking for balance txr, but would consider the double cashback card offer if it came up. I've opened 2 new accounts nfcu in November and citi in March. First new accounts in over 2 years. I really want foot in the door with Chase, but think I should wait till all 6 of 18 cards with balances are under 49% (only 2 to go) overall utilization is a 5 yr low of 28% and dropping. Maybe June for chase 😁
  11. You should see some improvement by paying down to 18% from 32% . I'm thinking maybe up to 10 points or more.
  12. Correction: Meant chase sapphire preferred AF 95.
  13. Columbia
  14. Hmmm no free night unless I put 15k spend on it annually which we wouldn't. However Chase Sapphire Reserved has a decent SUB. even for semi-frequent traveler. And looks like better bang for $95 AF. thinkin outloud
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