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  1. 682 > 740. First time in 700's! Old student loan late pays fell off and lower cc utilization 😁
  2. DW scored Amex 3x cli 61 days from opening 8000 to 24k. She has thin file 760+ scores. We opened that one and chase prime Amazon visa 2 months ago. What's the Chase cli strategy? Wait for automatic cli or push the button at 6 or 12 months?
  3. I'm confused (easily). They're closing all credit card accounts? And offering new card in July? Explain...
  4. Looks like a snoozer offer. Been member for 5 years . No penfed cards yet probably keep it that way. Trying to hold out for Chase. They denied app for Flex in May, got a couple other decent subs citi and Regions bank. 1 spot left for chase for 5/24. Might give it 6 months.
  5. I've seen the reports that everyone's Marvel card is supposed to close tomorrow. Some people received an email about it in April. I didn't get one, I think that's about the last straw for any more synchrony accounts. I have an open Lowe's card with 17k on it , zero balance no use in 3 months. Off to Lowe's I go this weekend.
  6. Yeah me too I'll get that quick 300 off the furniture and run 🤣
  7. I know! I meant to think it and ended up saying it!
  8. Regions Pre-screened offer approved $3000 0% 18 months, $300 cashback for 1000 spend in 3 months.
  9. Oh I know how to make CV cry! Maybe I'll push the button on that Discover balance txr pre approval I've been ignoring, that'll give 2 Discoveries . 🤣
  10. Oh that sounds good but I have the wife factor! 6 months ago I sorta said "yeah we can get some new furniture in June" she remembers! 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Yes, right now I have zero balances on 11 of 19 cards. The 8 with balances are in a range between 20% and 48% and falling. My overall utilization is at 26%. The immediate gratification factor i see is being able to payoff 1 high interest rate card and almost half of another with available cash and get $300 discount with regions. BTW the longer vision will be new home mortgage maybe in 1 year to 18 mos. So will be avoiding new credit in a few months. If I did regions I'd probably would only go 5 or 6 mos to payoff.
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