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  1. Oh and I might have been thinking that nfcu might be easy way to increase overall credit limit thus decrease utilization. Maybe just slamming my debt would be better option. 🤔
  2. I guess I was thinking by January or so they might ave decent bal txr offer. Quick update: all cards are below 88% utilization, most are below 68%, many are below 49$ and 4 have zero balances. Overall utilization down to 58%. Waiting for the last card to report below 89%. Thinking of requesting cli on one of amex cards. 2 of 3 amex are zero balance 1 amex at 48%. Any downside to amex cli request at this point?
  3. Hit the button Heg. "Not this time." Try again every month? Just fyi TU FICO 8 = 676 , EX =;670
  4. That's right Shifter. Currently overall 61%. I'll likely wait until overall is under 50%. When I get under 50% overall (in about 3 months, any issues with 1 or 2 accounts being 60 to 70% utilization?
  5. As a general rule what would the highest overall and individual utilization rate be before you would request a cc cli, and reasonably expect success. Are there some cards easier than others? Would prefer without hard pull. Goal: to help my overall utilization. My card list AMEX BBVA Cap1 USAA BofA Discover Synch/Marvel Lowe's Home Depot
  6. Thanks IvyM! No previous BK's. By January and beyond my CC utilization overall should be below 50%, and most under 30% if not 0 balance
  7. Woohoooo NFCU membership welcome email today. Opened savings account. Will look for balance txr card offer beginning of 2021.
  8. Thanks CV! we had some things come up that caused the high utilization over the last couple year, which are mostly behind us. Looking forward to .02% to 9 % utilization soon!
  9. Hey CV Currently 0 lates, 62% cc utilization, 1 - 6 1/2 yr old collection, 0 inquiries. TU 676, EX 670 both fico 8. I was thinking about something to lower my cc utilization while I pay down the cards. Will be looking at 0% balance txr in the future when the individual and overall utilization is "right."
  10. Currently paying off some debt. Question! I'm eligible to join NFCU, should I join now, to leverage possible future credit products, or wait for the following which I should be able to accomplish over the next 6 months. Next 6 months 1.) All cards (5 of 12) under 90% utilization, 5 zero balance. 2.) Overall CC utilization under 50% Or wait for the following? Within 12 months should be able to accomplish the following: 1.) All cards (12) 35% to 40% utilization, with about 8 to10 cards zero balance. So in short get foot in the door now with NFCU or wait a year+?

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