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  1. I know this is an older post, but I’m replying for those who will reference this in the future. I, too, defaulted on my first AMEX card and was offered the PIF Optima deal. I accepted it, paid off the balance in full over several months, and received an Optima card with a very low credit limit ($1500). I was very meticulous about using and paying the balance on my optima card as my credit was very poor then and AMEX was the ONLY creditor who gave me a second chance - even though the company is known for being very unforgiving. Two years later, I was approved for an Everyday AMEX, and 5 years after that, I was approved for a platinum card. My income isn’t extraordinary - I made about $80K when I first received the Optima card and 9 years later, make just under $200K per year, but I diligently and patiently earned creditworthiness with AMEX again. Keep the faith!

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