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  1. Thank you all for the reply. I went to the dealership and co signed. Now lets see what happens.
  2. Hi & Happy New Year, I took my daughter who is 19 to the dealership on the 31st of December and purchased a Saturn 2007. The paperwork was processed and my daughter signed the documents. I asked that the loan be only in my daughter's name. They said it was 6.9% and gave us the monthly payment of $270.00 for 72 months. My daughter took possession on the car on the 31st. Yesterday the 3rd of Janurary, the dealership calls and tells her that she needs a co signer as she cannot qualify for the 6.9% on her owm. Please advise what options I have at this time. Thank you for your time. Sha
  3. check out prosper.com there is a discussion on this board under the credit forum. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=172931
  4. I believe that the "No Child Left Behind" only applies to K-12 education and let's face it...you are an adult. There are a lot of great public schools out there if you just look without lowering your standards. Others do their general education and intro courses at community colleges and then transfer to the school of their choice. It saves money plus it gives you the chance to work and put away some money to pay for school. Where can I find a financial aid consultant in California? I need to get the information for my daughter. thank you
  5. Can I have the link or contact info please???
  6. Don't call. Request them to put in in writing if they call again.
  7. Looks wonderful.... Happy Holidays...
  8. Yes, ask for validation. Copy the letter to the Bank's legal department and advise them of the SOL. Advise them that you will seek damages and Court costs if this is litigated. Tell them not to contact you until this is validated (it is against the law) and that you will have the right to record any conversations in the future if they do decide to call you. If they call again tonight tell them that you are going to record the conversation. (Just pretend) you have a recorder attached to the phone. Tell them to hang on until you switch the recorder, then make some noise. They normally hang up very quickly!!!! Happy Holidays, Good Luck.

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