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  1. Hey @Why Chat , Can you clarifiy this a little bit for me? So If I have a collection from collector a and a different collection from collector b should they be in different envelopes when disputing them to the CA? I have several medical collections so whatever I can combine postage wise would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hey @Why Chat I found an incorrect ssn associated with my experian credit report. should i dispute this at the same time as the addresses or should i do it separately? just waiting for my things to arrive from the post office to begin the process fully. thanks!
  3. Okay, I will request my eomb from my insurance at the time. Thanks for the reassurances @Why Chat I will respond back on here with their responses when I get there!
  4. Hey! I called the local business office for the hospital where I have several collections from the same day of treatment to obtain the correct address. To be honest, I am a little unsure at the moment if the debt is valid because of insurance but I have not disputed this yet. I am just preparing overall while I wait for my address removals to be taken care of first. The lady in the office told me ( without me asking) that they cannot take payments and they would just forward them to the collection agency..I know that I am to write on the letter and on the money order that it is payed to the order of the hospital only. BUT this led me to a thought--can they refuse my payment? also when I do finally send them the letter with my remittance payment, I dont have an account number for this debt or any other identifying factors except for my name. I dont even have the date of service as this debt is around 3 years old. Would it be a bad thing to request the itemized bill thru the hospital? Im sorry if this is mentioned in the method and I missed it! Thanks a bunch!
  5. Thank you for explaining WhyChat! and thanks for trying to help marvbear!
  6. Yes but im still unsure what the delivery number is and where it is located
  7. After lurking in the shadows for a little while now, I decided I wanted to try why chat's guidebook on medical collections but felt really noobish once I didnt understand how to appropriately send priority mail. It says send a letter to the CRA with the proof of delivery number. Whats the delivery number? Is it on the forms Im getting from the post office? Also, on the priority mail instructions, It says to affix the copy to the top of the hard copy of the letter. Does that mean staple it on the top so I dont lose it? I promise you I am not as noobish as I seem. I guess I am kind of nervous? Thanks

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