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  1. Ok, but regardless of Credit Karma, what should I expect to happen to my score? Should it revert back to previous or will this removed late payment still affect my score?
  2. Hello! If this has been discussed before, then I apologize I just can’t get any relevant results when I search. I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction! Due to a statement error, I was unaware I was carrying a balance resulting in a late payment back in March which caused a massive drop in my credit score. After disputing it, the late fee was removed and the late payment was also removed from their report to the credit bureaus in April. According to Credit Karma, my scores were updated 2 days ago, and they have not changed even though it now shows I have zero late payments on my report. I’m just wondering if this will soon restore my score back to previous or if I’m still at the mercy of an algorithm which stakes into account a history of a reported late payment. What are my options? Thank you!

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