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  1. Empathy: I've been where you are recently, and in fact I'm STILL battling debt. Wait, that was in my post. Support: What worked for me was this... wait, that was in my post. I scratch the part about unemployment if that is what triggered the mod. It was one of the biggest red flags I saw in the OP, but I suppose it was pointing out the obvious. Good luck BethM! Seek tough love from within and go slay your debt your way!!! Best wishes! Edited to add: Sprinkling in more empathy and support just in case!
  2. Every time I see "unemployed for months" I think wtf?? At the risk of sounding like a cold-hearted "get a job" type...I had a similar amount of debt 12 months ago and I'm down to the last $8500. This is what worked for me: Wake up. Work ass off. Go to bed. I can't remember the last date I had a day off. *moderator edit* its easy to show a bit of empathy and support than to be an ass.... its even easier to scroll by and not say/type a word when you cant show said empathy and support.
  3. Citi Double Cash. I finally got around to applying and got instant approval for a $5800 CL. It seems like an odd, anemic number as my score per Citi (equifax?) is 841, but that will more than serve the purpose. The "approved" message popped up literally instantly as soon as I clicked submit, making me think they don't do a hard pull if you already have another card with them. Is that how it works?
  4. Good discussion. The younger two opened a Discover with a $1500 CL. The senior is working a lot and may try for a Visa. Thanks all.
  5. I'll try a different approach... At what point should a young person start establishing credit?
  6. I know what Dave R would say. What is the opinion on Creditboards? Would the Discover It student cash back card be a decent credit starter/ stepping stone card to get a credit history initiated? Thoughts? More info... Three of our kids are headed off/back to college. Frosh, soph and a senior. Each has no credit history whatsoever. No student loans. No debt of any kind. All school costs are covered by scholarships, including R&B, books, etc and each kid has a bit saved from their job. They are responsible kids from a very frugal upbring
  7. Greetings. The last of my debt (11k) is with Discover at 0% until June. I recently sold an asset and have just enough cash on hand to pay off the balance. Another option would be to cash flow payments from my pay checks, and still ultimately avoid interest by paying off the balance by June. That would leave me with no debt and a decent emergency fund in June. Recommendations? Where would I park the cash on hand? Having cash and options is a new thing for me and I'm not sure how to best put it to work. Thank you.
  8. I needed to see this article. I've been busting my arse and paying down CC's these past few months, and really haven't heard of anyone hurting financially. Nobody. All I ever hear is that the non-wealthy are buying tvs and piling up cash in their emergency funds, while the wealthy have bought up every boat, rv, pool liner and expensive toy within 3 states. A big part of me has been thinking I'll be the only broke sumbich when this is all over, because I'm paying off all this debt while keeping an extremely minimal efund. I sure can't wait to be broke instead of negative though! All i
  9. Thank you- the thread link is helpful!
  10. What would be a good card for someone new to "cash back." Citi (ATT/Universalcard) says my EQ FICO score is 814 as of 5/26. Best case would be no annual fee, and I would use it for recurring monthly bills like electric, internet, gasoline, water,sewer, but not for travel, airlines, and such. We aren't spendy people but wouldn't mind getting a percentage back in cash for the routine budgeted stuff. I have a Chase Freedom. It is 1%, with 5% on certain categories. This quarter it is 5% on Amazon and Whole Foods, but we don't have discretionary spending for those. I
  11. Where is this button to click to request a CLI on the Citi site? Thx.
  12. Based on the info provided, I would hit Amazon with blast mode. Pay it off, then get after the Sapphire. I would then keep those at zero bal personally. When the (4) 0% cards teaser rates expire will they be paid off? If not, maybe you can get a low rate bt on the Amazon or Sapphire by then. I believe the focus (obviously) really needs to be on payoff, but I'm new to the board and just adding my 2c.
  13. I can only speak to my situation. This isn't optimal, but here is the answer... I have a large balance that I have to pay down over time. It is way too large to PIF on my income. It is parked on a low rate BT, but I still like to pay biweekly when I get paid. Each payment is more than twice the statement minimum, and I figure I am saving a bit this way due to avg daily balance. The savings may be miniscule, but the victory of slugging the beast every 2 weeks is the real reason. As a bonus, there is zero risk of making a late payment--no worries about closing dates or due dates when you
  14. How so? Is paying bi-weekly also not advised for someone revolving/paying down a large balance?
  15. Not looking for "prestige," but what are considered the better cards/creditors for the average Joe to have/maintain? Companies in general, without specific regard to rewards and such. For me, I have found BOA, Chase, and Citi to be pretty decent, while the lowest end would be Crapital <flying the middle finger> One. Discover/Amex falls somewhere in the middle. I dropped store and gas cards years ago. Just curious how others rank the major players.
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