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  2. Interestingly, when I got my Reserve in May, I had this option for a "loan" and while I didn't take it nor need it now, thought I'd see if it still exists online...nope, I don't see that option like I used to or like you do. I also clicked on BT and it said I had no offer available. Certainly an individual thing for sure.
  3. I was only 2.5 years into my original loan and starting back at 30 years for the new one. Looked at shorter terms etc and am going to pause on that for the moment. Thank you
  4. Got it! Makes sense...Thank you. The balance drop will be very similar (maybe $2k higher) and that will not make a difference...because, Yes, I have 2 other Trades Lines (autos) that are well below where they started originally. Thanks, very happy to be rid of PMI!
  5. Was wondering....if you have a mortgage with a bank and then you refi...let's say with that same bank for example....when it reports to your credit, does it report that the old Account (original mortgage) is closed/paid in full and then a new Mortgage Account is added to your credit report again starting all over? Thinking I'll likely take a score hit in the process and while that's not really a mitigating factor, was curious how it will report on my credit if I stay with the same bank. The term, in this case would start the clock for 30 years with a new (lower) rate and without PMI with a lower payment. This is my first home and first refi so I'm a newbie here. Thanks
  6. Thanks Centex. I may be overthinking it but it sounds like we should not have an issue being unmarried but on the loan. I'm sure things have changed in 30 years as you stated but with SS Marriage laws now, we may be in a good position. Thanks
  7. Beginning to home shop and going to go VA Loan. Non-Married Partner is Eligible Vet. Some unique circumstances though and hoping for some insight: We are not married nor are our banking accounts tied He's the eligible Vet, I am not His income is under $75K/year My Income is well over $75K/year His credit is good, my credit is better Based on income, credit, downpayment etc....Can we apply jointly and get approved to be on the same VA Home Loan? My income and credit will boost the numbers while his eligible VA Status gets us the VA Loan deal. Not sure if VA Loan requires us to be married to both be considered on the loan while qualifying factors that would get us approved...are significant though we're not married. Does VA Care about this? Or is it like any other loan....adding someone like a co-signor or second applicant? Thank you
  8. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate all the insights!
  9. Thanks for clarifying. Admittedly, I did assume they were a CU because of the gov't membership/requirement to have any account. Also sounds like pursuing them for anything isn't in my best interest. Thank you I immediately called the Recon Line when I didn't get the auto-approval online. The rep explained their position and I didn't push the issue or ask to speak to a Sr rep...I didn't think escalating to a Sr was an option. So, yeah...it's too late. I still have other Chase slots available so I'll keep that strategy in mind next time around. Thanks
  10. Wanted to pose 2 questions... USAA While I see a lot about NFCU and PenFed, I am a USAA member through my family. I don't have a CC with them and considering applying. Any advice or feedback on their typical approval odds, credit lines given or anecdotal items to consider? It seems that there's a lot of feedback that CU's are relatively generous. My relative received a 0% for 12 months in FEB and got the card. Haven't seen that offer myself and not any offers of late considering where we're at with the economy. Perhaps unlikely anytime soon. Thoughts? Chase Really wanted the Sapphire Reserve, applied and while approved (yes, midst the pandemic) I was told they would only shift credit line from my other open account to the new account..no additional credit given. I could the entire line of credit or some, I chose 80% shift to the new account and kept 20% on the other account. Thinking if it wasn't during a Pandemic, I would have been approved with another separate credit line. I am fine for now but wondering how often/easy they are with CLI requests? My other account was very generous, had it for 18 months and never received an increase...but never came close to the limit either. Now I'm focused on hitting the spend for the SUB. As a basis on these items, score is above 800, utilization is under 5% and income is enough. Thanks
  11. Thanks for sharing this. Question though...if you've LOCKED/FROZE your reports, would they need to be undone before they do these soft pulls? With no relationship with a bank, not sure if the LOCK negates them from getting a soft pull. Thanks for the advice.

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