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  1. TU removed the item. Waiting on EQ and EXP.
  2. @Why ChatSo today I received the notice from Experian and Equifax as verified after sending out the dispute in mail to them with all the enclosures and proof of delivery to Chrysler which never responded. I also happen to received a letter from Chrysler Capital says RE: Identity Theft Claim. I have attached it to this letter. How do I proceed now? TU says it was verified as well but the person on the phone when I called today to follow up he said he entered it again for dispute to wait a few days and see what happens. Do I now file a complaint with CFPB? CCF07022020.pdf
  3. The vehicle was repossessed last year August 2019. I did not get ANY notices. They had my correct address. Furthermore I spoke to them and made a payment and advised them of my work status and they said ok and noted my account, I told them I would not get another payment until Sept. 2019 and middle of August 2019 they repossessed the car. After the repo they did not provide me any notices. I did however receive in March 2020 a settlement offer via mail from them. April 19 disputed with all 3 CRA came back verified and accurate. (made the mistake and did online) I have now adopted your practices and all letters in mail. May 10 Sent Chrysler Cap letter CRRR May 18 Chrysler Cap rec. the letter sent (as described in your program) as of June 4,2020 no reply from them. What do I need to do now to proceed. If I send your letter to the 3 CRA (as provided in your program) what do I included with it? a copy of the letter I sent to Chrysler and the copy of the CRRR postcard or just the copy of the CRRR. enclosures?
  4. @Why Chat I have sent the original dispute to each CRA and it came back verified. I sent the letter to Chrysler Capital last month and it was received by them on May 18. As of today I have not received any information regarding this. Default was last year but they have failed to send me any notices called once asked for detials nothing and wrote them a few months ago regarding breakdown of fees and nothing. The repo happened with just late 45 days which I had made payments and advised them of when I got paid again and they still repoed. back in March a settlement offer was mailed to me so they do have my correct address. Chrysler Cap which is Santander USA has been in some hot water and just signed consent agreement with Florida Attorney General. So not sure if thats up with them. I have followed all the steps thus far. My question is do I need to send the copy of the letter that I sent Chrysler Capital with it and the delivery confirmation to the CRA? Or do I send them the copy of the consent judgements and go that route? http://myfloridalegal.com/__85257A6A00523E7D.nsf/0/86583C146C90AC9685258574004D756F?Open&Highlight=0,santander I provided below copy of the link to the suit. https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/consumer-products/auto-news/550m-santander-car-loan-class-action-website-is-active
  5. Hello, I have begun the Whychat repo dispute process. I have not received the reply back from Santander/Chrysler Capital and I am about to mail out the letter to each of the CRAs. My question is do I need to provide the copy of the letter I sent to Chrysler Capital as part of the enclosures or just provide them with a copy of the certified mail return receipt card proving they received my letter. 😊 thanks!

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