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  1. Dear Joolie567, Keep chugging girl! STOP...EVALUATE BEFORE MOVING FORWARD!!! And give yourself some credit. Bravo! You have a job! You have a house! You have a car! You have an education! You have a loyal friend (pet)! You have a brain! You see the writing on the wall and you’re applying the brakes before the catastrophe. That’s using your head. There’s a lot of talent on this thread and I wouldn’t dispute any of the suggestions offered here. I’d like to add to it by suggesting you reconcile your money philosophy. Rule 1). Pay yourself first. You state that you’re using credit cards to fund emergencies. Immediately, go to Human Resources and have $200.00 per month automatically deposited into your savings account. In five months you have $1,000. In one year you have $2,400.00. (You May be using this money initially to cover gaps but you may discover creativity and discipline on the path and not touch it). 2). Immediately stop using your credit cards. Do Not make another charge till you catch your balance. 3). Check in with HR and see if you can adjust your withholding information so you can take home more money to be used exclusively for debt reduction. Now, you have taken the first few steps that put your money moves in line with your values. This situation will turn around in six months if you follow some of these advisors. Furthermore, what are you charging on cards? Impulse? If yes, no judgement, your new hobby is reading all of these threads until you’re the master of finance. Yes, I said it. Meanwhile, you can also apply various theories on these threads to put into service better credit tools for the future. These processes may take up to two years to execute in entirety but your growth will emerge and the rewards of your efforts will be apparent. Reasons to consider bankruptcy: you are physically and mentally unable to produce income. Otherwise, fix the mindset and the solution will emerge. Is it possible to get a few hours overtime or weekend gig just until the pressure is off. I’m sure you’re feeling the strain. Action is key. If you’re paralyzed in inaction, get a family member or friend to help execute and negotiate the first thirty days. You can do it by simply devoting 2 hours each evening to your debt clearance goals. Best wishes C
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