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  1. Thanks, I will begin reviewing the reports that I have so far. One concern, that I wanted to send the letters to the Original creditor is because I don't have access to the final balance, for some of the accounts. i can only go by what is listed by the original creditor in my reports for validation. Is this the only way to validate, since contacting the original creditor doesn't seem to be a step at this stage for most accounts. Should I begin with Why Chats Confustion for reading? Or go to the newbie section? I think the first step is to send the Validation letters to the Collection companies - Correct? Thanks!
  2. I have received three of the four credit reports. I will request the 4th this week. I am planning to start my credit repair with sending letters to original creditors to verify my last balance and to confirm collection company that is representing them and asking if they would agree to work with debtor (me) for a lesser amount. Is this a good approach. I have to maintain a suitable background check for my current job and future positions. It would look best if I am making payments. Would my credit repair be faster if i opted to make settlement offers, as I repay? Or should i plan to make payments to the original creditors? My negative credit is only 1-2 years old, fairly recent. I need to repair as fast as possible, I am an old person and need to take advantage of credit instead of paying cash for everything. Also, I want to purchase a home before the end of this year, so the fastest way to recovery will work for me. Please advise. I will be sending my letters by week ending. Re: To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to inquire about a closed account, I had with your firm that was closed sometime ago. I have recently been contacted by a Collection agency and need to confirm that they are providing an inaccurate balance. I have a balance amount that does not agree with their balance. Would you please provide me with the final statement of accounting for this account as soon as possible? Also, would you please provide me with the name of the Collection agency that is standing for your firm so that I am certain that I am speaking with the correct office to avoid any identify theft. I have attached page 2 (two) for you to provide the information that I need to discuss with the Collection representative. Please note my new address below. Name: Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX Old address: New address: Date of Birth: Thanks, My name See Page 2 Name of Authorized Collection Agency: Account Balance: Fees added to account balance, if any: Account Balance supplied to the Collection Agency: Would you be open to working with the debtor (me) directly to satisfy this account with a lesser balance? If so, please provide any details that would start this communication. Thanks!
  3. I am new with starting to get some business credit. I placed an order with Quill today. Is there a listing for business secured credit cards? If so, please provide the link or list? No personal guarantee. Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone for providing the information for the 4 credit bureaus previously. A few persons that I should just write and request a copy of my report. I didn't know if I should include any check and for any cost. Can you give me some details? I have visited at least two of the four sites. At least two of them have asked me to sign-up without providing the cost a report, prior to me purchasing. I had blind faith, that I would be able to afford them. I signed up for Transunion so far, however, i really only wanted a paper copy in the mail. Any feedback? I tried to sign up for another CRA but i didn't send the code from my phone in time to verify my identity. So that charge will fall off today. Any information on my process? Am I proceeding correctly? Should I be signing up for monitoring just to get a copy of my credit report? It includes a credit score. For a monthly cost of about 26, per CRA? I need to get very busy with getting my reports and starting my repair journey this week. Your timely responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Thanks! I will read further to determine what all needs to be in my letters and the costs. I understand that I shouldn’t get the free reports bettercredit 2021 - 2022
  6. BetrCred


    Where can I find the name and mailing address information to the four CRAs? Starting my credit repair journey. better credit
  7. thanks for your timely and detailed response! I will get to work with pulling all of my reports by Nov 16. I will upload the information within a week from the date that I receive all of the information. I will research my state's SOL - it hasn't been that long since... maybe a year or two at most. But I will research for each debt, for some feedback. How to I determine the date for each debt? Is it from the date of the last activity (payment/charge) on the account? Thanks, in advance! 11/11/2020 - the starting date of my credit repair!
  8. I am trying to create a strategy for me to regain my credit score/rating. Can you please review and provide any updates. 1. Bring all open accounts current, as soon as possible. Pay more than the minimum balance amounts monthly. 2. Obtain credit reports from all 4 credit reporting agencies. Do not request the free credit reports. Obtain credit scores too. Track scores. - Any recommendations on a credit monitoring service? - credit karma was a recommendation from a friend. 3. Request last statement balance from original creditor - Verification letter. Also, request the name, mailing address of collection company that is handling the debt. 4. Upload my information within my signature line here at creditboards for continued recommendations. 5. Send letters to collection companies to verify the debt. 1. verify that that are licensed and doing business with the original creditor with license as a collection company able to do business in my state, 2) update my mailing address for all mail correspondence 3) do not contact me outside normal business hours and at my work numbers (should i provide my do not call numbers? my cell phone number is a business number too and my full-time job phone number ) 4) verify that the debt belongs to me proof of signed contract 5) amount of debt 6 ) last outstanding actions on the debt - which should be within the last statement. I will provide a sample letter after i solidify my strategy. 6. Start making small monthly payments to original creditors. Need to make payments to maintain good stature at my job position. 7. Start applying to secured credit card companies - obtain a card every 3 months with a $1000 credit limit (secured amount). Will obtain a list of eligible companies (that i haven't had previous negative banking relationships). 8. Continue to monitor and respond to all letters sent to collection companies, from step 4 above. 9. Review and monitor credit scores - for improvement monthly. Prefer free. Any recommendation on a company? 10. When I pay off a creditor, apply the month to the next debt. Snowball effect. 11. After 6 months, apply to a major credit card company. Do this every 6 months. - I will have two (2) additional new secured credit cards reporting positive - three (3) to six (6) months of credit payment history. Anything wrong, missing, let me know. I want to put it into action by Nov 17, next week Tuesday. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your response. My issue within this thread...is pertaining to business credit. A few months ago, I established this company. I am still gathering and processing some administrative paperwork. Within the next ten days, I will show a few hundred dollars in income weekly. Although the expenses, may outweigh the income, in the next few months. Presently, I am currently estimating about $700 per week income. I am going to need several small lines of credit to grow. I am looking to start applying to a few companies, that will provide me with some lines of credit until after my length of time in business and income become more stable and higher. Any recommendations or advice on future business lines of credit?
  10. I have been through a personal situation that has left my credit "shameless". I did manage to hold onto two (2) credit cards. The rest are in default and probably going to judgement. I am planning to obtain my credit reports from the 4 major credit bureaus within a week. At that time, I will begin sending letters to original creditors to verify the amounts and then to the collection agencies to verify or remove - letters. Also, i need to remit monthly payments to the creditors to maintain a satisfactory job clearance. However, I will send only to the original creditor and not the collection agency. Any recommendations or advice?
  11. I opened a business several months ago. My first credit application was with Dell. They denied. No personal credit guarantees. Any recommendations on a good company to apply to for approval? I was thinking about a Net 30 company? Any recommendations?
  12. No, I don't have any PG biz accounts. My personal credit is undergoing repair and it wouldn't be an asset at this moment.
  13. I opened an LLC a few months ago. I haven't applied to anything yet. I applied for Dell business credit a few days ago online and was denied. Any recommendations on a good company to apply for approval? Thanks!
  14. Thanks MamaBreeze! For your response, Please see my disputes/action below. #12 - PNC Bank - charge off Reporting degrogatory - dispute Dispute: This account was paid in full. #13 - Premier - Charge-off Bal $562 written off Dispute Action: I am planning to contact the bank to determine the / any remaining balance on this account. This account was late and closed by the bank. THis account also had a security deposit. Then, I will dispute per the information I obtain from the bank. Thanks, Better Credit
  15. I would like to ask a few questions as I begin to repair and repay some credit accounts. My main concern is that I am a federal government employee and needs to maintain a clearance, not Top Secret. Many of my closed accounts had very high interest rates. My income has been temporarily reduced. It should last for one year, at the most. I have obtained my free credit reports so far from two CR agencies. I will download the last one today and list any additional listings here by the end of the day. I am only concerned with the closed accounts. The open accounts, I can approve myself. THey are in yellow. A few of the closed accounts should have reported, positively. I have highlighted these in red. I will be writing them a letter by end of week. I have highlighted those in red. A few of the collection companies listed, I am not certain of the name of the creditors they represent. Therefore, I will send a letter of inquiry, by week ending. My biggest concern are those listed in blue. They are my top priorities. I want to know the cheapest and fastest way to repair my credit. I don't want to work with collection agencies, if possible. What I have learned is that I should only repay the original creditor. Can you provide me with some advice on how to best develop a plan of action to repay the cheapest and fastest way? ADS/Commentity/Ln Bryant - CLS - Closed Mon payment - $61 - Balance - $0 *This account was closed and not paid. My guess is that they have turned it over to a collection account. I will request this information by week ending and report as soon as posisble. BOA - Charge off Bal $2482 - Making monthly payments $12.50 bi-weekly Bloom/Dsnb - open $125 balance 4.Cap One - Charge - off Bal - $2504 Discover - current JPMCB Card - ???? Bal $3465 Merrick Bank Corp - Charge-off Bal $6603 Midland Cred Management - Collection Bal $1193 Navy FCU - Open Bal $9432 Navy FCU - Closed - CLS Bal $2322 Making monthly payments Pentagon Fed Cr Un - CLS Bal $4855 Making monthly payments PNC Bank - charge off Reporting degrogatory - disput Premier - Charge-off Bal $562 written off Dispute Resurgent/LVNV Funding - Collection Bal$ 2991 - Trident Asset Mgmt - Collection Bal $384 ADS/Commenity/Victoria Bal $0 Barclays Bank - CLS Paid, never late, 2014 Navient/Sallie Mae Navy Fed Cr Union Clean up - remove SYNCB/Chevron Paid, closed, never late reporting until 2022 SYNCB/Old Navy - closed, reporting unitl 2027 22. US Dept of EDGLELSI Current Web Bank/Dell - closed, paid in full Hard inquiries 1. Ally Financial - 10/31/2019 Credit/Koons/Tysons - 10/29/2019 Toyota Motor credit - 10/29/2019 Bank of Amer - 10/25/2019 I will update later today with the additional credit information from the remaining reports. Thanks for you help!, BetrCred - 2020
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