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  1. Hi Im new to credit repair as well and cant access these links sadly
  2. Hi, no - Jefferson is not reporting at all. From what I was told, Jefferson only handles the financial component of collections and Nordstrom/TD reports to the bureaus. I will research more on how to settle a debt within SOL. Thank you all for your help, I appreciate it!
  3. Hi All, Im in the process of cleaning up my credit and trying to get a home loan. I've raised my score about 70 pts in the past year by disputing accounts and acquiring secured credit cards. I do have alot of charged off accounts to take care of, and my plan is to pay down the small balances first and work on the larger ones next. I have a CO with Nordstrom/TDBank for the amount of $513 from 2/2018 , and in an attempt for PFD I called them to try to negotiate. They no longer own the financial component of the account - Jefferson Capitol does, but Nordstrom TD reports to the bureaus. How to navigate this? I sent a PFD settlement offer to Nordstrom 2 months ago, and it went ignored. Now I want to clean this up and get it deleted. Its still within SOL and if I DV and they validate, they can sue me. Please advise.

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