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  1. Still waiting for reports. Was GE Sports GECCC? We had one of those, but never late and paid off early. Never had a Sync account in the negative credit days. Current is Amazon Store always on time and PIF every time. AU -PPL MC also in good standing. Had Wally went to Cap 1 with others in good standing.
  2. Same, closed my UMB card and my score went from 849 to 847. The horror!
  3. It's been almost 20 years since I've had a past due account. They say it's Synchrony. Is there any way to call Synchrony to ask if they sold someones account in my name?
  4. Thank you so much! I didn't know that, well obviously! ha
  5. Kiai

    Fico 9 NFCU

    Is Fico 8 the most oft used for cc apps then?
  6. Oh, thanks! I just wanted to get in on the 0% Apr which I'm not finding on shorter loans. That's why I asked about early payoff, so I have the choice to pay as soon as I want. They just don't let you see that part before apping. Still thinking about it though.
  7. We have a Ram with short bed. 3 times a week we haul our mobility equipment along with our two dogs and their mobility equipment. The short bed is perfect for our needs when not hauling a trailer and keeps the whole set up from being too long when we are. Trailhead parking can be difficult with too much vehicle.
  8. Kiai

    Fico 9 NFCU

    Thank you all! Now I realize the answer to my 2nd question has a lot of moving parts.
  9. Kiai

    Fico 9 NFCU

    Is that a legit score? Why is it so different from Fico 8?
  10. Most of the ad language reads about the same across the nation, but can't find these answers. Have the prices of the cars been raised to accommodate that deal? Do you know if they include early pay off penalties? Thanks
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