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  1. Can you please link the mother thread you speak of I have tried to search and I find a few post that speak of the master mother texas thread but never a link to it
  2. Also they filed it here because its my city and county I live in a small town.
  3. Letter reads. HEADER STUFF CASE NUMBER etc... Judgment of Dismissal On October 30, 2018 the Court considered Defendant's Motion to Dismiss, which the court is of the opinion. should be GRANTED for the following reason: There is not sufficient evidence to continue prosecution of this case. The above styled and numbered cause against XXXXX XXXX is hereby DISMISSED. SIGNED on October 30, 2018.
  4. The OC is not reporting only Midland Funding LLC. Also would "Order of Dismissal" be the same as"Judgement of Dismissal"? If so I have that letter right here signed and stamped by our justice of the peace. I will look into the Texas plan is there a good post I should start with reading first for Texas?
  5. I was sued by Midland Funding LLC and the case was dismissed by my local court because "There is not sufficient evidence to continue prosecution of this case." The debt is now out of SOL in Texas. This debt is still showing on my credit reports. How can I go about getting this removed seeing the court tossed it out?
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