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  1. It appears that Pennsylvania is a 6 years SOL but the wording of this is what confuses me it say typical debts. So is my debt considered typical? six years Pennsylvania has a statute of limitations of six years for typical debts. If it's been more than six years since a credit card debt or contractual loan obligation became due, the creditor can no longer take collection actions for that debt. This is a standard statute of limitations and is on par with most other states"
  2. Sorry now that it was explained what the abbreviations are. Not sure what the DOFD is here in PA, I've heard from the last payment to the last activity. Which one is March 2016 the other is Sept 2017 when they closed the account.
  3. ah ok thank you for the heads up
  4. Thank you for the welcome, you will have to forgive me on the terms you are using I dont know what DOFD is, I am assuming the BK means Bankruptcy. The reasoning was at the time of the filing the amount owed on the home compared to its value would not allow it.
  5. Forgive me what is an SOL? And yes I plan to once the Courthouse reopens after this Corona Virus crap is over lol.
  6. OK this is a very unusual situation. Back in 2013 I filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. My attorney was unable to get the Home Equity loan into the bankruptcy. In 2016 my job situation changed drastically. I contacted the Credit Union about a possible modification. But due to the Chapter 13 they couldn't. They said to call back once I was discharged. That was the following June 2017, when I called they couldnt do anything for me at the time due to the fact they were being taken over. (The original loan was through one credit union which became Valor which then became PenFed. ) I had to call back a multitude of times until I spoke to someone in Virginia, once I explained my situation and that I had a plan for the modification. He said that is very reasonable and yes we can work with you. He sent me the application, I filled it out and sent them back everything but my blood type. A couple weeks went by and I received a card in the mail telling me they needed more information, but no indication as to what. I left 6 messages over the next 2 weeks and could never get a call back. I finally called the original guy back, who got my in touch with the person. Needless to say they lost several things I had already sent them. So I emailed over what they needed. A couple more weeks later I got a letter telling me they couldn't help me. I was at a loss as to what to do. As part of my bankrutpcy I had to go to a debt counselling session. At that session I explained my situation. The lady asked if I could make the payment I was proposing. I said yes, she said go online and make the payment. If they accept it keep making it. Shows an act of good faith on your part. I went home and attempted to make the payment and found out that my account was closed. I called the bank to get help logging on and they said they had no record of me and no account. I received a statement some time after that. The statement indicated the account was charged off. This was Sept 2017, the last payment on the account was March 2016. To be clear I have received nothing of any kind since the account was charged off in Sept 2017. From anyone. To go one step further I have been checking my credit report regularly and this is not even on my credit report. The only thing of any kind is from the 2nd bank, and all it says is paid closed status transferred to another office. But there is NOTHING from Pen Fed on my Credit Report. So 1st question: I am making the last payment on my primary mortgage tomorrow. 2nd Since this is not on my report what the hell happened to it? Did someone in the PenFed offices screw up? 3rd at one point will this drop off my credit report altogether 4th I have not yet gone to the local court house to see if the lien is still on the property. I look forward to hearing every ones thoughts on this. Its been 4 years since my last payment on this account and I would love nothing more than to be able to wipe this thing clean. I did have a lady at a credit company tell me I am in a very good position to fight it because they closed the account and left me no options to pay it. Like they washed their hands of it. So let me hear your thoughts.

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