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  1. Will do. Feeling great nowadays. Had a great cardiologist. Trying not to get sick like everybody else. Thanks for asking. I will keep you updated on any results.
  2. I have been following since last fall and used whychat methods on several collections. Was successful in sending a $100 payment to a hospital HIPAA director for deposit only to their account and they had the CA delete the account. Also sent your repossession letter for a car equity loan I had they had added a bunch of fees and they removed. Fantastic. The one problem I still have is with an original $1,787 bill with Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Care was from September of 2016. I had a heart attack and total was over $50,000 that insurance paid. Was never aware of this $1,787 until I applied for credit a year ago and saw a collection from State Collection Service for this. I opted out and deleted old addresses. I sent the original HIPAA letter to all 3 agencies. TransUnion immediately deleted. Equifax and Experian verified saying it was a legitimate debt. Last month I sent the Medical Dispute validation letter to State Collection Service and the follow up dispute letter to Equifax and Experian. I received a letter from Experian stating the information I disputed has been verified as accurate. No other information given. From Equifax they simply updated the tradeline saying collection reported April 2020 and consumer disputes this account information. I heard nothing from State Collection Service and no information on the account. What can I do from here? Thanks for your information.

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