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  1. OK, that's definitely what I was thinking. I have called Experian and had them change my current address -- I still live at the place they have listed but I got a po box and use that for my mailing address. That might have been part of it. Yea, I am one of those people who does really use credit -- if I can't afford it, I don't buy it or I save for it. I was thinking that may have been it. Maybe I will go open up a few lines of credit (making sure they report to experian) and use them sparingly, enough to establish a revolving door of credit that experian can draw off of. I guess experian is different then say transunion? Seems like transunion keeps track of EVERYTHING you do good or bad. Experian just keeps tracking of current credit purchases and nothing else. Strange, but ok. I'll roll with it.
  2. I applied for a loan and it was declined. The reason the loan company gave was – that they cannot verify my identity through Experian. I logged into my account (free one) and it shows NOTHING at all on my credit report which is strange because my car loan (paid off) should show up and I know my apartment building reports to them every month I pay rent. But yet nothing shows up. And I have no credit score with them. I did have them update my address and employer but they state there is no freeze on my account and nothing is wrong. But yet online I don’t see my current address but when they look they have it. There’s a definite disconnect there. They are very arrogant and just read from a script. They are sending me a free copy of my report to see it for myself including a letter with the dispute address for any corrections. I have no problem at all with Equifax or Transunion, everything is good with them. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas on what to do? Thanks.

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