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  1. thanks thats my next step... i just wasnt sure if they were being honest.. i understand they are under no obligation to do anything but they said they couldnt because of it being closed and paid.
  2. i am inside the the SOL... but close to the finish line.... i believe one drops in december of this year and the other at some point in 2021.. both are credit cards one us Merrick Bank the other some bank called UMB.
  3. All i did was give the SOB a call to see if they could remove it... i havent done anything for the other half...
  4. I started cleaning up my credit and want to remove a 30 late from June 2019..... SOB lender wont work with me.. It was the only late payment in my 4+ years with them. The excuse they give is that since the account is paid/closed they cant make any changes... Is this true? On the same note having this hassle make me consider credit repair. I know this is a who new topic but as long your here .. is it worth it to remove 1 late (drops off in 7 years) and 2 charge offs (which drop off in the next 2 years)...
  5. Marge #1 I appreciate you even taking the time to reply #2 I apologize if at any point I sound sarcastic .... Bullet points on what you said 1) DO NOT go into bed with people like Lending Tree 2) Pay off the cards on your own! You write a lot and again I APPRECIATE it thank you! but you are not telling me Go with Lending Tree they are the best!!! or Dont do it.. pay them off on your own.. from the least amount up to the greatest..
  6. I am trying to reduce the amount of payments I make every month. So in the unfurtunate event that I get laid off my ONE payment can be more manegable. During these crazy times I am living in I am employed in the travel industry.. I just want to be prepared for the worst.. If I had a job where I had a greater sense of security I would take an entire paycheck and pay off one card right now.. a month later I do the same to another card...I feel right now I shouldnt be going into my savings and I should be doubling up on what I save.. I am open to any suggestions or adv thank you this is why I am here
  7. thanks for those whom replied.. any suggestions as to whom the best lender is for people with high debt that want to pay it off debt is?
  8. I have about 15k between 6 different cards.. Highest card has 4600 owened and lowest has 1060. Is it in my best interest to just pay them off from the bttm up or to get a consolidation loan. My main concern today is I work in the travel industry which is very uncertain due to Covid-19. Today i have a job but who knows what will happen in 6 months. I do not want to be unemployed with 6 different card payments... I rather just have the one... My credit is only "bad" because of the high amount of debt.. I dont have anything else negative on the report.. I was hoping to get a 15k consalidation loan but wasnt sure who out there to look for or if I have to use a co signer as a last resort. Thank you for your time

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