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  1. Thank you cashnocredit (AND 800 credit) - end of story sounds GREAT to me.
  2. Hi Burdell, thank you for your response and the links. I just skimmed them and it made me feel better and that it might be a scam. I will read everything later today. Again thank you for your research.
  3. Hi centex, thank you for your response. The notice sure looks intimidating.
  4. Hi IndyPoolPlayer, thank you for your response. No accounts that I can remember with FIA Card Services or Elan Financial at that time.The 1099does not have my social security number or the CA's EIN. Does that mean it's not a legitimate 1099? What's my next move?
  5. Hi CBs, I'm a newbie and after reading all the newbie forums I hope I'm doing this right. This is my first post. I just received a Notice of Intention To File An IRS 1099 -C Form from a CA - Offices of Taylor and Associates. The notice says that they are the legal owners of the account referenced in the box below. The box includes the OC name (Bank of America), and account #, the CA name, charge-off balance $1719.21, Interest $2751.68, Total amount owed $4470.89, charge-off date 3/3/2004, and client claim number. Then the CA offers me two settlement options lower than what would be paid to the IRS. It's a one-time offer and apparently their last attempt (first I received) to settle this account before submitting the 1099-C to the IRS. I can make a one time payment of $670.63 or 6 monthly payments of $140.43. If no settlement is agreeable I am to detach the form below (1099-C form) and file it with my 2020 taxes. Some interesting facts about the notice: My first name used is a variation of my legal name but not my legal name. My last name used is my maiden name and I was married in 2004 (at the time this was apparently C/O). I pulled my credit reports and this does not show on any report. I don't even remember having a BOA account in 2004. So do I send a DV (CRRR of course)? I'm sorry if this is too long.
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