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  1. I will be ready for them. How can they sell a discharged debt filed in BK to another JDB?
  2. Guess a nasty phone call to stop harassing me 4 time yesterday with a threat to hire an attorney did the trick. I called the phone umber waited for 15 minutes until some rude guy comes on telling me how much we owe them and why don't you pay your bills? You created them now pay them! That got ugly real quick. Won't post what I said but lets say this, in the end he said he would mark to stop all calls because they were not aware of the BK. I said, listen, had you done your damn homework and showed up for the telephonic creditors meeting you would have known. No calls today! A win for
  3. All calls are robo calls. Cant block them they still leave a voice mail with that annoying voice.
  4. My mistake I believe was not sending the letter signature requested. Should it be a cease and desist letter then? Thank you.
  5. I have read a ton of your past post. I only wish I could learn as much as you know. Good for you!
  6. Working on reading and learning about that area.
  7. I sent them a simple letter asking them to stop contacting me at the phone number and stop calling every day, multiple times a day and even today 3 times a robo call. No Centex, this is not the same company. Actually the free ride ended up in our favor as they released the lien and we now own the car free and clear with a new title cleared. Worked out to NOT volunteer the car after all. Guessing the same as people here who use cc's to the max, buying anything they want and once they file BK they do not return the goods, electronics etc they purchased with the CCs. Since the car wa
  8. I have called them, sent them a letter asking them to stop sending letters and calling me multiple times a day leaving voice mails on my phone. They will not stop. I don't owe them anything, don't even know what they are trying to collect but my BK was discharged two months ago and somehow they got my number and will not stop calling. Some days they leave 4 or 5 messages during the day. Hello, this is Preferred CMA calling about the amount you owe us. Thank you for your input.
  9. I thought they would come the day they found out. Issue would be if they are not insured and something happens to them would you have been responsible?
  10. Congrats on your retirement. So what do you suggest as we are surrendering the car. Not harsh at all. Experience in the industry gives you perspective on this issue.
  11. Reading here I see many advise not to use Santander or get a buy here pay here car so what do you all suggest? Filing in a couple of days and we are surrendering the car we have to the loan company. Thank you!
  12. I disputed it and it came back verfied. No way can they verify it, I never had bill me later and have a paypal account is great standing still today.
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