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  1. I thought they would come the day they found out. Issue would be if they are not insured and something happens to them would you have been responsible?
  2. Congrats on your retirement. So what do you suggest as we are surrendering the car. Not harsh at all. Experience in the industry gives you perspective on this issue.
  3. Reading here I see many advise not to use Santander or get a buy here pay here car so what do you all suggest? Filing in a couple of days and we are surrendering the car we have to the loan company. Thank you!
  4. I disputed it and it came back verfied. No way can they verify it, I never had bill me later and have a paypal account is great standing still today.
  5. We are preparing to file Bk 7 so reading here I learned to pull my annual report. I just noticed a payment 30 days late showed up from a company that I never had, never owed etc. It is Sync/PP which I find out is paypal and collected by Synchrony Bank. Funny thing is I have a paypal account, have had for years and I dont owe them a dime. I am learning as I go and notice they did not even send me a dunning letter to dispute it. Can they just pop up a negative, open account on your report out of the blue? Also an inquiry from Preferred CMS, who the heck is Preferred CMS?

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