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  1. appreciate all the feedback
  2. Looking into purchasing my first home/condo. 1.Has anyone ever accomplished this with little to no money down? 2.Is it possible? 3. Has anyone ever leveraged their credit to obtain property/real estate? It will be for primary residence but eventually plan on transitioning it into a rental property. I currently reside in Hawaii if that makes a difference. Thank you
  3. Lema

    CC utilization

    I asked because i was looking to use my CC for my set expenses( which is higher than 30% of my limit), such as gas, phone, groceries etc. And paying it off every month/ before the statement date so that 1. I avoid interest 2. Avoid having a high credit utilization when it comes to being reported. So i guess my real question is. Is it a bad idea to use more than 30% of CL even though it will be paid off in full? Hope that cleared it up thanks again
  4. So does the credit card issuer base utilization on how much of the credit line you are using regardless if it is paid off before the statement date? Or do they go by whats reported at the time of statement date? Thanks
  5. hey everyone just wanted to say thank you all for your feedback. Greatly appreciated. So a few things so that auto loan was taken out 2yrs ago. Definitely not knowing any better and with absolutely no credit history i was approved for the used car @24% apr. the year of the car is a 2010 so i was told by the bank that i will need to take out a personal loan instead because the car is more than 7years old. Not sure if this is relevant or not but For the past few months I have been making extra payments so that more goes to the principle and not interest. I've made enough payments that my next scheduled payment isn't due until the end of the year. So i would like to think that it being a personal loan will take this in another direction as far as my options go? or should i just keep paying extra til it's paid off so i do not have to deal with either and not worry about another loan on my file? again thanks everyone also as of 1/7/21 nothing has been finalized
  6. this is the Hawaii state federal credit union. And exactly i was shocked when i heard that they used vantage scoring model. Like "credit Karma really" lol. It was funny because when asked where was i getting my score from i replied " my actual fico" score lol. so at the end of the day i ended up with an 8.2% apr. much better than what i was previously getting.
  7. Oh yes definitely got a better rate. And it was vantage 3.0
  8. So i went to my local credit union to apply for a refinance loan. Currently i have a 24% auto loan that i obtained before I built my credit to where it is at now. Ficos are EXPERIAN:772 TRANSUNION:768 EQUIFAX:764 .... When they ran my credit for the loan i was told i had a 712. Come to find out my credit union uses vantage experian. 🤦‍♂️SMH any similar experiences? Mahalo
  9. thank you for your feedback very much appreciated.
  10. HI guys happy thanksgiving. I was wondering if anyone in the community could shed some light on this for me please. So my credit is fairly new next month i am about to hit the 2yr mark. All accounts are current, no missed payments. Also i have been making double payments on a auto loan i have for the past few months as well. Recently i had received an alert through the myfico app that my score had decreased 20points!!! which in turn dropped my credit rating. Does anyone know why more or less why that would happen given that i never missed payments or exceed 10% of my credit utilization nor do i carry balances. Thank you all
  11. By any chance have you heard of credit9?.. while i was researching BT cards i received a pre-approved offer in the mail for my debt amount with 0 interest for 12mos ... its a consolidation line of credit is what it says.. thanks
  12. so as for the LTV.. i ran the numbers and i got 2.14 ?? i would need a 12,000 loan for the car, the cars value right now is 5,600... yeah im drowning in this thing.... as for the installment loan only i have the other installment loan reporting
  13. Last year me and my wife took out a car loan together. Since our credit was "new" it was low enough to get us a 24% interest rate😬 on a used 2010 buick lacrosse.. but we were in need of a vehicle and didn't know we could still shop around and have minimal inquiry impact on our credit. Now we are looking to refinance both of our credit scores are in very good shape 740s across all 3 bureaus and no negative marks. On her report she only has the auto loan along with a secured cc , on mine i have the auto loan along with a personal loan. So i would like to know,Would it be better if she applies for the refinancing on her own? or would the both of us need to do it since we are both on the original loan? and if we/she has no luck with our bank are there any reputable online lenders that anyone here in the community has dealt with in the past? The loan is through American Credit Acceptance and they do not refinance..... Also in what way would it impact my fico is she were to obtain the loan? would the previous loan erase from my report and only report on hers after the refinancing? thank you all for our help i feel like my questions are all over the place... if you need any more info to help with answering these questions please feel free to ask
  14. thanks.. yeah i had actually checked out that thread just before posting my question. I will pay attention to the language and see if it is indeed tailored to me. thank for your help.
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