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  1. I recently ordered both. They both arrived in about two weeks.
  2. Same thing happened with Wells Fargo. I tried ten days ago and again tonight to apply online for a bank account. After I submit my personal info it takes me to the next page asking if I want a debit card, checks etc. I select the options I want , click the box allowing them to do a background check on me hit continue and that is as far as I can go. It then (almost immediately) shows a message saying my application can't be processed and to call or go to a branch. No verification questions, no denial. It has now happened twice with time in between each try.... Honestly, after all of the issues I have had recently between banks closing me, clearing up my erroneous EWS report, pulling chex, credit reports and lexus. Literally spending months and many hours of my time, I am overly worried there is something blocking me again. I understand the simple answer is just to go to a branch and try in person but, it really shouldnt be this difficult to open and keep open a personal checking account.
  3. UPDATE: After disputing my report, EWS removed the two entries which were 9 years old so now my EWS is clean as well as my Chex. I also received a copy of my NEXUS/LEXUS report and to my surprise it did not have my Federal felony anywhere on the report. I am going to apply for a checking account with Wells Fargo. Given the information above about a clean EWS and Chex is there any advantage to going into a branch to apply in person or is doing it online just as effective. Thanks for all the great information....
  4. Thank you! The rep I spoke to said it was the banks decision whether to remove the entry or not. EWS would submit the dispute to the bank and wait for a reply. Even though it is clearly past the seven year date he said EWS can not remove it .( even he admitted it seemed obvious.) Is it true that they need to send the dispute to the bank and wait for their decision. Or can/will EWS just look at the dates, deem it past the reporting time and remove it themselves?
  5. Just providing an update. I wrote a letter to Armed Forces Bank and asked them to provide me what outside agency was used in helping them determine the adverse action (closing) of my account. Here is the loss prevention dept response We would like to thank you for your written inquiry dated March 28, 2020. Per the letter you included with your communication (attached), the Bank has elected to close your account(s) as we are no longer able to meet your banking needs. Rather than do so without notice to you, as it is permitted to do under the Deposit Account Agreement, the Bank elected to send you notification by mail on March 3, 2020 indicating your account(s) would close March 17, 2020. Your inquiry also mentioned the ECOA and FCRA which are both laws that do not relate to the deposit account(s) in question This didnt really answer my question. I found his statement basically saying we could have closed it immediately but we gave you 14 days a bit condescending and, I should be grateful for that gesture. So I emailed him to answer my question more directly. His response was if an outside agency was used it would be listed on the closure letter. Implying an outside agency wasn't used and confirming my suspicion that the high amount of Zelle and Venmo transactions in my account spooked them
  6. Thanks again and interestingly enough about a year ago I applied for an Iberia Bank account. There is a branch across the street from my neighborhood and, I was trying to obtain an account to go along with my Armed Forces account. Armed forces had just closed the last branch that was within reasonable driving distance from me and, I wanted a bank with a branch I could walk into. They denied me. My CHEX was find but, they did run credit and was the reason for the denial. My credit score at the time was around 580. So I can verify they do run a credit check.
  7. Thanks Stevensmileyx, you helped me on my other thread-Bank account with felony-. This comment kind of ties into that. Since Armed Forces closed me I want to open two accounts so I am not stranded again (like what I am going through now). While I am waiting for my EWS report to be corrected (so I can apply at wells fargo) I figured I would open another account. Axiom came on my radar. If they only use CHEX I will apply there unless you can steer me in a different direction to a better bank that ONLY uses CHEX. Thanks- Im in Orlando Florida
  8. A little more info I gathered. I called EWS and spoke with a friendly customer service rep who told me adverse entries are removed after five years. Normal banking activity is removed after seven years. My USAA records are considered normal activity even if the reason for closure is account overdrawn and for cause. He said an adverse action would be Bank Fraud or something along those lines that are entered separately from banking activity. Kind of a gray area and I pressed him on it. In my case neither matters. It has been over 9 years since the account was closed by the bank and, he said they should have been removed. I asked him if he could do it. He said he could not. I needed to write a dispute letter and it will then be up the bank to respond/decide. He also mentioned he has never seen a record stay on two years after it should have been removed. Anyway, I sent in the dispute and, barring something I (and he) are completely missing USAA should delete it.
  9. Hi, I know this is an old thread but, they have Axiom banks inside Walmarts in my area. Generally banks in Walmarts are easier to open and keep open (in my limited experience) . I understand they use Chexsystems but, any other info would be helpful. Are they quick to close accounts etc... Thxs in advance.
  10. So, I received my EWS report today. It appears Armed Forces Bank did not use it in making its determination to close my account. However, Chase did use it, as there is an inquiry from Chase on March 10th. The report only shows the inquiry and two items. In 2011 my USAA Business and personal account were closed by the Bank. Reason given is Personal :Overdrawn and Business: Closed for Cause. I do not dispute the reason they were closed but, my question is why are these still on my EWS report 9 years later. Don't they drop off after 5 years. These items being on my report are certainly the reason Chase decided to close me shortly after opening me. My federal felony does not appear on the EWS and, my CHEX is clean. Please let me know why the two USAA items have not dropped off. Thank you.
  11. Will do, I sent off a letter to NEXIS and also EWS asking for a copy of my report. Also sending off letters to Chase and Armed Forces in an attempt to find out what agency they used . Come to think of it, if the ZELLE payments is what triggered Armed Forces loss prevention to look at my account they might not have pulled anything at all. They may have just determined on therir own my account was to great a risk. In any case, once I have all the information back I will be able to make an informed decision as to which bank/banks to apply. I do not want to just randomly apply at a bunch of different banks. Until then I am being paid by Venmo and using my Venmo debit card to shop, atm etc.
  12. Great advice. If I had to guess what caught their attention was how I get paid. I am paid through ZELLE or Venmo Not direct deposit or check. The amounts vary weekly but some weeks can be what I would consider relatively high amounts (would like to have more of those of course and, I do not want to come across like I am rolling in dough). Since its probably not how most of their customers get deposits, or if they do then its smaller amounts that would be my best guess. Maybe I am being naive to think I am the only one getting regular deposits that way...
  13. Can you use it like a primary bank account (other than check writing) Can you deposit checks by mobile deposit. What are the options for depositing money into the account.. Thanks
  14. I previously called Armed Forces and spoke with the Lady in loss prevention who sent the letter. She gave me the standard "we have the right to terminate your account at any time and do not have to provide you the reason why." Her supervisor gave me the same answer. I will write both banks a letter and ask what agency they used to come to the decision they did.. I do not believe they are required to tell me why they made the decision but, if they are required to tell me what agency or information contributed I definitely want to know. Can anyone provide me with the law pertaining to a bank being required to provide the agency/source used to make an account closure decision. I would like to include it in the letter. Thanks!! Everyone has been very helpful.
  15. Armed Forces Bank sent a letter stating they were terminating my account in ten days They did not state which agency they used to help make that decision. Im assuming it was my Felony record because my chex is clean and I believe EWS was as well. (wont know 100% until I receive the report back). Chase initially opened my account but then approx ten days later the letter arrived stating they were closing my account. They also did not indicate in the letter what agency was used. Again, I assume since I opened the account online my chex report was clean and the system ran it. Then the back office ran further background and my Felony came up. So your advice is to write a letter to armed forces and chase asking them what agency they used in making the decision to close the account.? They didn't initially deny me so are they still obligated to inform me as to what agency/agencies were used?

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