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  1. This was a business checking account set up for a LLC and a EIN was used to open it. The bank asked for my SSN as proof of who I am. At least that’s what they told me. I never was a personal guarantee for the business. Never accepted a loan, LOC, or credit card for this business. Another business wrote my business a check for service. The check cleared and funds were used. The amount of the check was $18k. Then 3 weeks later, the bank reversed the check and it left the business in the negative. Their reason for reversal was that I didn’t have the right to open the checking account because the corporation papers show someone else as the resident agents so that person have to be the owner. I explained that they were only the registered agent and I was the owner. I provided proof that I was the owner. The bank decided to still close down the account. Fast forward to a year later, I contact that bank to pay the fees associated with the account and was told that they didn’t have any charged off account associated with me or my business. A few months later, the charge off appears on my personal credit bureau as a loan for 1 month. Nowhere in the paperwork that I signed at opening does it say that if/when charged off, it will report to personal credit report.
  2. The bank is reporting it to the credit bureaus as a 1 month loan that charged off in June 2018. It was a business checking account that was opened in March 2017 and closed in May 2018. The credit bureaus have all the documents to prove that from me and the bank that it was never a loan but an actual business bank account. However, they refuse to remove it because the bank doesn’t have business reporting only personal(per Equifax and Experian). I’ve disputed the bank with cpfb and the bureaus and have gotten no relief. I’m in Arizona btw
  3. This was not a LOC account. This was just a business checking account. I didn’t receive any loans, LOC or credit cards for this business from the bank that opened the checking account
  4. I opened a business bank account with an ein a couple of years ago. The account was eventually charged off due to the business closing. Now the bank account is reporting on my personal credit as a loan. I’ve disputed it numerous of times with the credit bureaus and have sent proof that it’s a business checking account. Experian and Equifax refuses to remove this account even though they know that its a business checking account. What else can I do to get it removed

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