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  1. Thanks, I thought each CB used FICO πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I was aware of the lenders using different FICOs as well as possibly internal scoring models. I did kinda wonder why NFCU had my FICO at 644but I chalked it up to maybe the used a different version of FICO. So is Credit Check Total and My FICO the only places I can get true FICO scores for all CB? My FICO is only showing updates to my TU & EX scores, is this normal?
  2. Oh wow really... I didn’t know that. It gave me all 3 scores for a dollar instead of the regular price of $29, I believe.
  3. So I received an email from EQ for an offer for a 7 day trial plus scores for $1 Now I finally know my EQ score is 614 😍😍😍
  4. Yeah I definitely don’t think it’s accurate. I may just pay EQ directly to get my updated score.
  5. Installment loan hack update. My small NFCU secured loan has posted and these were the results with paying it down to 9% Exp 4/2 +6 points = 607 something is better than nothing TU 4/2 + 33 points = 565 😍😍😍 EQ nothing has changed 😑😑😑 I’m not sure what’s up with EQ but I’m not getting any score updates on MYFICO, do they normally not update on there?
  6. Update😊😊😊😊 My Discover card just reported to EX and my Fico went up 41 pts my score is now 601 😁😁😁 Applied 3/13 Deposit taken out of my account 3/16 Received card and activated it 3/26 Now I'm waiting on Cap1 cc and NFCU secured loan to post to see how it impacts my scores.
  7. Hey just wondering what FICO version NFCU uses. I've called a multiple times and some say v5 and others say v9πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Also do you know if they will use EQ if you have TU on ice? I know they use both but not sure if they'll require me to thaw TU. Thanks!
  8. From what I've researched GA doesn't have any consumer laws that have any teeth. Oh so I will shy away from a generic DV and go the more detailed route, thanks
  9. Yes I believe its my account that I had for my daughter. The default would have been late 17 early 18. No I haven't applied for a mortgage. No I haven't disputed it with TU yet because I was thinking of doing the 1-2 punch. I have my TU letter ready but this one is where I'm stuck.
  10. Hey CB, Its me again lol I really could use some help because I'm getting nowhere. I feel like the more I read the more uncertain and confused I am about just how simple or detailed my DV letter should be πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. I should have sent this letter out Friday, and here I am Tuesday stuck. So I searched my particular CA and based on what I have read they can be a pain to deal with, which causes me to second, hell triple guess myself on what my letter to them should look like. Can someone PLEASE just guide me in which direction I should go. So here is info on the collection : I am in Georgia Only reporting on TU Just hit my credit within 30 days No prior communication from them because they probably have incorrect address for me Collection is with Credence RM Says placed for collections 9/18 OC AT &T mobility This is my only negative I haven't resolved a ND I'm approaching the finish line so I think I'm just overthinking it
  11. Update πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ The highlighted which are my two major baddies have been deleted from EQ πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— So now I just have my two student loans that I’m awaiting rehab to go through and pay on for 9 months and my derogs will be gone πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— So now I’m just waiting for Cap1 & Discover cc to post and my new secured loan with NFCU I’m so freaking excited!!! EQ & EX are pretty much done... now to tackle TU so I can have a clean report when I go for my NFCU cc. EQ 535 - not sure of new score but FAKO 594 to 597 Citibank same Belk- same Care credit same Credit one: deleted 😍😍😍 Discover same NFCU SAME CarMax same Credit union atl $3803 CO auto- opened 4/11 CO 12/14 - consumer disputes : deleted 😍 EDSOUTH GLESI SAME EDUC SERV AMER same FED LOAN SERV same FED LOAN SERV same US DEPT EDUC same US DEPT EDUC same Inquiries Cap1 same
  12. Did they pull only TU? What else is on your credit file if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Just updating my progress ....and talking to myself πŸ˜‚ Opened 6 month share secured loan with NFCU yesterday. Total process from phone app to approval and funding was 20 mins max. Today I paid the balance down to 9% and it shows my next payment isn't due until 10/2020😁 Did this to see how the installment loan hack will work on my credit profile so others will know for future reference. Thought I was going to send out my validation letter for CRM yesterday but after I kept reading I felt like my letter was overkill, so I scraped it now back to the drawing board. Will look for a basic one and get that in the mail Monday. Was never able to get anyone on the phone with Credit one after three attempts waiting on hold for over an hour each timeπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Will try again maybe tomorrow in hopes that they aren't super busy Signed up for MyFico so I could see all of my various types of scores. FICO score 8 EQ 589 TU 509 EX560 FICO score 5,4 & 2 EQ 644 TU 621 EX 636 FICO auto score 9 EQ 589 TU 532 EX 556 FICO auto score 8 EQ 612. TU 525 EX 571 FICO Auto score 5, 4 & 2 EQ 635 TU 618 EX 669 FICO bankcard 8 EQ 600 TU 505 EX 561 FICO bankcard score 5, 4 & 2 EQ 627 TU 592 EX 641 FICO bankcard score 9 EQ600 TU 550 EX 546 So now I just have to sit back and wait and continue to research next moves and figure out my ultimate credit goal. I know I want to get in with NFCU, Chase, and AMEX on cc. I also plan on getting another vehicle by October.
  14. I understand that but I'm actually doing both. I've already taken care of the student loan negs reporting. The CU charge off is i. Dispute status and being worked on. Credit One I'm trying to get on the phone to settle. The AT&T collection is getting the o e two punch today. So now that all of that is handled, I still have to add positive tradlines because all I have are 2 AU reporting. So based on the loan hack it will give me an extra score bump which I need and want. Plus its a no brainer because its share secured and soon as I immediately pay the balance down to 9% the funds are made back available to me and I could use that for the settlement I want to do with Credit One so its like a twofof one IMO.

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