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  1. WC, Small update. Initial letter had been sent to EQ. Received correspondence back from TU and EX. TU deleted all old addresses except current. EX deleted a couple old but keep current, last and one before that. Will send initial letters to TU & EX this week. No word back on initial letter from EQ yet.
  2. WC - quick question. When I send the initial dispute letter to the 3 CRA’s, what is the most common response? Do they: Ignore forcing a secondary follow up? Sometimes go ahead and delete the collections requiring no further action? Actually provide ALL the info you have requested in the initial dispute letter? Send back something generic that says after researching, all collection entries have been validated, etc.? I’m just curious as to what is most likely to be the response from them (CRA’s) and what the next step will be. Thanks again ZP
  3. Yes, I meant to say CRA's. I will send the initial dispute letter to CRA today to EQ. I will report back once I hear back on the address dispute from the other two CRA's. Thanks WC!
  4. WC, Update - I head back from one of the CRA's (EQ) and they have deleted the old addresses from the CR. I am waiting on responses from the other two CA's (TU & EX). In the meantime, is there anything I can do, or should be doing to proceed to the next step? Thanks in advance ZP
  5. WC, I have not made any payments thus far...I looked back at my original post to make sure I didn't misquote anything......but no payments have been made...does that change anything?
  6. WC, Quick follow up: Address deletion letters were sent priority mail with tracking yesterday to all three CRA's. In the meantime I was able to speak with the insurance company and obtain EOMB online access while speaking with a representative. She was very nice. We looked at each claim and each is a valid debt: $435 (CA - Med Rev Services) date of service 1/29/18 $457 (CA - Med Red Services) date of service 7/10/18 $56 ( CA - Med Rev Services) date of service 11/19/18 $81 ( CA - I C Systems) date of service 11/18/19 Thanks again ZP
  7. WC, Thanks for the clarification! That makes better sense. I have opted out and I am sending my deletion letters tomorrow (more on that below). I did have a quick question on this part: You said: "It allowed for a different type of dispute for collections based on the fact that the HIPAA privacy rules (which everyone signs releases for when they get medical services) are NOT transferable to 3rd party collection agencies. ONLY the original collection department or collection agency that was directly assigned the account is allowed to report any medical debt. ALL SUBSEQUENT transfers of the account data, the amounts due etc. do NOT include that privacy release. So that means that any subsequent CA who has been assigned the ACCOUNT information for collection is NOT legally allowed to report or take any action that divulges any private medical data" What happens if the current collection group (Med Rev Services) IS the original collection department or agency? Does that mean the HiPAA letter will not apply to them? The debt is fairly new (less than 2 years) and I have not seen any other collection activity or correspondence from another collection group so I think Med Rev Services might be the only one. My old address deletion letter looks pretty basic with this in the main part of the body of the letter: Dear Equifax: Please be advised that you are reporting the wrong address information on my credit report. I am in the process of a new loan transaction and the error is causing a problem with my credit scores reporting properly, so any help you can give me with updating this information as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated. My current address is: XXXXXXX St, Anytown, USA (see current driver’s license and current mortgage statement with current updated address. The addresses below are invalid and I am very concerned about ID theft/fraud with in accurate info on my credit report. Invalid Addresses: * XXXXXXX St, Anytown, USA XXXXXXX St, Anytown, USA * XXXXXXX St, Anytown, USA XXXXXXX St, Anytown, USA * XXXXXXX St, Anytown, USA * XXXXXXX St, Anytown, USA I have provided a copy of my current driver’s license, a copy of social security card and a current mortgage statement with my name on it. I will await an updated copy of my credit report to reflect these changes. Thanking you in advance. Does this sound ok?
  8. Hello, I was hospitalized in November of 2019 for PE (lung blood clots) and was insured at the time. We received a few bills but did not pay them. Fast forward to today and I am with the same company but my insurance has changed. I did not ever research the EOMB (didn't know much about them) and my credit score was already a bit low so we just did not respond to the collection efforts. I have 4 collections on all three credit reports - 3 from Med Revenue Services and 1 from someone called I C System Collections. All total is about $1000. Two real small ones ($81, $56, $435 & $457). I have started researching and read whychats guide but a lot of it is a bit confusing......I have done PFD a few times many years ago so I assume that is no longer a valid option. I have the funds to pay them in full if needed. I am wanting to refinance a mortgage and need my score up a bit to do so. I found some old letters from the CA - Med Rev Services and they actually look to have about 8 other small collections for me (totaling about $300 or less) from the same hospital stay...from different groups (pulmonary, cardiology, etc). I am not sure why they only put 3 on my report. So I have "opted out" and am now ready to try and have a bunch of old addresses removed following whychat's steps. I have about 6-8 old addresses from about 8-10 years ago on all three CR's. **NOTE: I recently moved to my current state in August 2020 where I currently reside. So my PREVIOUS address / state is where the hospitalization took place...not sure if that matters. Question about the address removal: Is this a given these will be removed and does it benefit my efforts to get the collections removed from my report by doing so? I will attempt it no matter what, but I was just curious. I am not HiPAA savvy AT ALL so the HiPAA program is very confusing to me. Could someone explain it in very simple terms what the process is actually trying to do? I know the steps are fairly straight forward but I am lost trying to understand the process and what is trying to get accomplished. I am very grateful for any insight!! Cliff Notes: Have 4 medical collections from hospital stay with 2 different CA's. I can pay them all just want them removed to bring up score for upcoming refinance. Current score is 589 and need it to get to mid to upper 600's for refinance. I have no other derogatory payments or credit on my CR. My utilization is higher than it needs to be so I know that is also dragging my score down. I am going to pay a few cards off as well per my loan officer's recommendation. Thanks again ZP

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