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  1. WC, I have two remaining collection accounts reporting to EX ONLY. All others have been deleted. EX did leave the last two collections on my report after my INITIAL HIPAA DISPUTE LETTER stating: "The information you disputed has been verified as accurate." I have recently sent the MEDICAL DISPUTE VALIDATION LETTER to the CA and received proof of delivery. I am now going to send the FOLLOW UP DISPUTE LETTER TO THE CRA (EX) tomorrow. I am curious what the next step will be if they simply send a response back similar to their first reply saying the information has already been verified as accurate. What will my recourse (or next step) be at that point? Thanks in advance ZP
  2. Update: I started with the following: 1. EQ: 3 collections accounts. Update: All 3 have been deleted after the initial dispute letter. : ***NO COLLECTION ACCOUNTS REPORTING TO EQ. **NOTE. However - I never received any correspondence back from EQ at all. No confirmation of the dispute, or confirmation of the deletions, nothing. I just continually looked at my updated report each week and they came off about 3 weeks after I sent them the initial dispute letter. Very happy with this result :). 2. Transunion: 4 collection accounts. Update: All 4 have been deleted after the initial dispute letter. Same as above. I never received any correspondence back from TU at all. No confirmation of the dispute, or confirmation of the deletions, nothing. I just continually looked at my updated report each week and they came off about 3 weeks after I sent them the initial dispute letter. Also very happy with this one! 3. Experian: 4 collection accounts. Update: Two were removed and two were "verified as accurate" but nothing verification-wise was sent to me from CA or CRA, just a letter from EX with the results of their investigation saying the 2 remaining collection accounts were verified as accurate and will remain. I believe the next step is to send the "MEDICAL DISPUTE VALID. LETTER" (for accounts reporting with a balance due). Then also send the FOLLOW UP DISPUTE LETTER TO THE CRA (in this case EX), correct? Quick question. I have not had ANY contact with the CA in a long time, if ever. I have never called them, nor have we spoken on the phone. As mentioned in the first post, after digging through some old mail I kept from the CA I had about 3-4 other really small (<$50) collections with this same CA for the same time frame / visit to the ICU. My question is, if I reach out to them (poking them, so to speak) is there a chance that they could simply look at my account with them and see the other 3-4 accounts that HAVE NOT been reported to the CRA's and decide to report these 3-4 really small accounts which would throw a HUGE monkey wrench in what I am trying to do, which is refi my house fairly soon. Adding 3-4 collections would bring my score down in a hurry effectively killing any chance of refi'ing anytime soon? I wonder if I should be happy that 8 of the 10 original collection accounts WERE removed and be happy with that? Last note - my TU score is my middle score - the myfico score 4&5 is what my lender uses and it is currently 629. I need it at 680. My utilization is dragging it down but I am working on that. The Util % is higher on my TU ONLY, simply due to one account that reports to TU and not EQ or EX. So I feel like if I was able to get these last two collections off my EX it would jump up like my EX did (my X jumped 105 pts when the collections were removed. But if the opposite happens, and the CA decides to report these other 3-4 small small collection accounts to all three CRA's it is going to be a disaster lol. I am open to any feedback on this one.....is it worth the risk to go ahead with the medical dispute letter and hope they dont add more collections to my account assuming if they have not done it by now, they won't due to them being so small? Thanks so much - all the insight is greatly appreciated. ZP
  3. understood.....I very much appreciate the insight.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the info! Quick question… While I have not been able to get a credit line increase on some of the accounts I have had one or two offer me a new credit card… Would it benefit my score to open a new card and just keep the amount balance at zero?
  5. Thanks for all the info - from every one. I made a couple of payments this morning (even though they were not due til next month to get everything under 89% as recommended). Still crunching out how much we can payoff in a larger sense as recommended above. New balances reflect everything is now under 89%:
  6. One other note when looking closely at all my CR's: One of my accounts (the one with 2000 limit and a $1745 balance) is only reporting on TU and not on EX or EQ. I wonder if that is the reason my TU is significantly lower than my EQ? I have 13 small installment loans (all closed) with Affirm showing ONLY on EX. All were paid on time every time.
  7. I can pay off around $1000 at the current time.....I did try to get a CLI increase but was declined 3x due to high balances and low monthly payments, per the explanation from the banks. No late payments on any ever......thanks in advance for any insight.....it is much appreciated.
  8. Question about this to make sure I understand it - if I took $500 and paid one card with a $500 balance down to zero - the effect, score wise, be better than if I spread the payment over all 7 cards, correct? Our lender used a score simulator and gave us 4-5 cards to pay $2500 towards... but advised spreading it out as opposed to paying off a couple of the smaller ones we have. Thanks for the info about reviewing all the paper copies, I have those. I will do that asap also.
  9. Thanks for the info! I am hoping my TU disputes are about done as recent credit credit report pulls show no adverse accounts on the report. The 70% is for my revolving credit. We are not using any of them but they are all over 70%. I have 7 total CC’s with balances ranging from $400-$2800. I know that’s not great but we have never missed a payment. We are working to get it down and not using them any more.
  10. My wife and I are in the process of doing a refinance or should I say close to starting the process. We are being told by our lender who we have used many times for purchase and refi that we need the middle score of the lowest applicant to be 680 to be able to do the type of loan that we want to do which is conventional so that we can reduce or potentially drop the PMI we currently pay. We bought our home here in FL last summer. My wife’s middle score is well above 700 (750’ish) so no issue there. My CR’s are as follows: EQ: Myfico score 5 for Mortgage lending shows 719. 70% utilization on revolving debt. No late payments ever, no adverse account, no collections, no public records. 3 medical collections were recently removed in the last 30 days and score came up over 100pts. Score has not changed. TU: Myfico score 5 for Mortgage lending is 629. 70% utilization on revolving debt. As above, No late payments ever, no adverse account, no collections, no public records. 3 medical collections were recently removed in the last 30 days and score came up to 683 but a day later I got an alert that an account was removed (it referenced the last collection account) and the score subsequently dropped to 629 and has remained there. EX: My Myfico score 5 for Mortgage lending is 584. 70% utilization and no late payments etc. I DO have two medical collections on this CR. I understand why the score is a bit lower (due to the collections). I am not understanding why the different between EQ & TU is so large...everything is virtually identical but the score difference is almost 100pts. Like I mentioned, the TU MY score 4 score was over 680 Then it dropped for no reason. Is it possible it was just a blip or glitch and it may jump back up to over 680? I do understand that utilization plays a large role but I have zero late payments in last 10 years plus, not many inquiries (7) over last year. 4 were mortgage related and 1 was HOA credit pull when we bought our new home. Any thoughts on why my TU & EQ scores vary so much and anything I could do to get the FU score up, short of paying off $2-3k of CC debt? I have about $7k CC debt total. TIA
  11. Still trying to decide whether to ignore or send FOAD letter. My goal is for it to simply go away - not necessarily to incite them to do some that is suable. If I go the FOAD route - how does this sound? File Number 1234567 Lot Number 1234567 ( same as file number) To whom it may concern, This letter is in response to your letter dated 04/16/20 , post marked xx/xx/xxxx, and received on xx/xx/xxxx, regarding the above stated account number. Be advised that this IS a refusal to pay, and a notice that your claim is disputed. I have checked with my State's Attorney General and verified that the Statute of Limitations for this type of debt in FL has expired. This letter is to save us a great deal of time by telling you this alleged debt is out of the statute of limitations in the ( my state) . Please cease all communication at this time other then to inform me you are stopping your collection efforts.. I consider this matter closed from this point forward. Any other communication regarding this debt will be taken as a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Please advise the current owner of this alleged account that they are not to sell, transfer, assign, or share any information about me or this alleged debt with anyone else including the credit reporting agencies. Also, please be advised that any calls to my telephone, my cell phone, or any other telephone or cell phone belonging to anyone else are inconvenient, and if permission has been granted to call any number, it is hereby revoked. Sincerely, Me Thanks again for all the insight -
  12. Hello all, I was getting ready to send my dispute letters on this 12 year old debt and read the fine print on the settlement letter a little closer. It states: “Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this debt or any portion thereof, this office will assume the debt is valid. If you notify this office in writing within 30 days from receiving this notice, that the debt or any portion thereof is disputed, this office will obtain verification of the debt or obtain a copy of a judgment and mail you a copy of such judgment or verification. If you request this office in writing within 30 days after receiving this notice, this office will provide you the name and address of the original creditor, it different from the current creditor. XXXX, Inc it’s not obligated to renew this offer. The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, our client cannot sue you for it, and we cannot report it to any credit reporting agencies. You may renew the debt and statue of limitations if you do any of the following: make any payment on the debt; sign a paper in which you admit that you owe the debt or what you make a new promise to pay; sign a paper in which you give up or waive your right to stop the creditor from suing you in court to collect the debt.” It’s the last paragraph that caught my attention specifically… I’m wondering what I hope to gain by sending them a letter at all since they cannot sue or report this to a credit agency… Should I just ignore the letter and it’s entirety along with the settlement offer? They can’t sue or report to a CRA - I’m assuming all they can do is waste paper and send me collection letters or settlement offers but if I accepted any of them it could renew the debt or SOL. Can I just ignore the CA completely?
  13. WC, Update: EQ: I have not heard back officially from Equifax but I pulled a recent CR since it’s free and I originally had THREE collections accounts / entries on there - all different amounts but from the same CA. They are NO LONGER on my EQ report at all. Will I hear back from EQ? If I don’t is there anything I need to do since they are officially off my EQ CR? MY score jumped over 100pts after they were dropped/removed. EX: I originally had FOUR accounts on this report. Same three as EW and one other one for a small amount (under $100). Sometime in the last week to 10 days the 4th one from the “other” CA came off / was removed. I received a letter from EX with the results of the investigation. Originally had 3 accounts with same CA. One was removed but the other two were “Verified as accurate” but both had an “update”. The update was that the first reported date was changed to a month after it was originally stated. Ex. One showed first reported as 04/19 and it was changed to 05/19. Same thing on the second account. Summary of EX: 2 accounts were removed and 2 remain. What is the next step at this point for EX score is up from 598 to 618. No late payments at all - just 72% utilization and these collections. TU: I had THREE original accounts on this report (same accounts as other two CR’s. When I logged into my TU account and looked at a current report this past weekend two were showing “dispute pending” but the third had no dispute notation beside it. I have not received anything back from TU yet. Thanks WC!
  14. WC, Update: Strange things from all three CRA’s. I mailed my initial dispute letter priority mail with delivery confirmation on April 3rd and showed delivered on April 6th per USPS tracking. Yesterday April 23rd I received two letters from TU & EQ. EQ said “We have received your request concerning inaccurate information on your Equifax Credit File. We were unable to locate a credit file in our database with the identification info you provided. Please provide the info below with a copy of SS card, DL, mortgage bill ETC yada yada and resubmit your original request yada yada.” I’m thinking WTH!! I know I sent everything correctly. So on a whim I decided to pull my latest EQ CR to see what the hell was going on and low and behold ALL three medical collections were no longer on my CR and my score jumped from 598’ish to 702. Very happy to see that! I assume nothing more is needed with this at this time? Strange letter but they clearly deleted these 3 collections as they are no longer there. I would have preferred to get a confirmation of the results of the investigation so not sure if I need to poke the EQ bear at this point. TU: I received a letter to my home address but it was addressed to some lady I have never heard of. We bought the home last summer and those people lived here 20+ years so it wasn’t them either. Is there a chance they typo’d the name and that’s my letter with results of my investigation? I did not open the letter - not sure what to do with it. I decided to call them to see what the hell is going on. After being on hold for 30 mins I get a guy who looks at my file and says they never received my dispute request. I told him I show USPS tracking to the correct address PO Box in a Chester, Pa delivered 4/06. He repeats they are not showing anything in their file. He asks if I want to start a dispute over the phone and it’s tempting but I say no. Not sure how to handle this one. My current TU CR is still showing all three collections and a score of 618. No late payments or anything in last 10 years but I do have about 75% utilization on CC so I am actively working on that. Suggestions? I do not want to send all that stuff again for fear that the same thing could happen. What should I do? EX: No response back so I pulled a current CR and I originally had 3 collections from Med data systems and now only show TWO from Med data systems. I decided to call just to see if the other two were still pending. The lady was very nice, didn’t grill me on anything and said one was removed as a result of the investigation and the other two were still pending. That’s good news I suppose but if they are all the same CA company isn’t it reasonable that all three will end up getting removed? She said I should hear back the full results in the next 2 weeks. *Fingers Crossed* My goal is to get my middle score to at least 680 without having to pay off a ton of CC debt and I felt that getting the collections off would help. My EQ score jumped over 100 pts once the collections came off even with my 75% Utilization. It’ll be even higher once I get my cc debt down.

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