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  1. Thank you, shipped off the 3 so far for address deletion!
  2. So what I have is unpaid priorty mail envelopes and then these stickers below. I'm unsure if I get a tracking number once I pay for it that is different than these stickers below Are you meaning I attach this Big USPS tracking label to the envelope and then affix my small one to my own copy that I keep stored at home?
  3. Update to this. The email associated with my previous username is lost so I had to use another account. I work on the COVID floor so i've been stressed and haven't been able to get to this. Her collections have rose to 10 recently because it seems like a JDB bought the debt from pheonix financial, but both CA's are still reporting. They are the exact same $ amounts and expiration date FINANCIAL NAME - EXP DATE Ability Recovery - Apr 2021 Ability Recovery - Apr 2021 Pheonix Recover - Apr 2021 (same as ability, I think ability bought the debt as its newer) Consumer Adjustment Co. –
  4. I'm at a 802 credit score. I've never been in collections and while I have debt, it is all student loan debt that I am paying. I've never had to help someone with bad credit before. We are both in our late 20's. Her score is around a 630 transunion and 700 equifax. I finally got a new job and moved my fiancee from Texas to NY. We are interested in getting married and getting a house/moving for her degree in 1 to 3 years. She does have some credit problems that we would like to take care of. She's never had anyone tell her how to handle credit or anything, so she is oblivious to it
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