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  1. Wondering what a good percentage to put down is? Im looking at used and new and the budget is no more than 20k max so that limits most new cars. 700 credit score. Will more down give a better finance rate?
  2. Citi did similar to me, from 10k to 500. Only thing I can come up with is I didn't use it enough
  3. I pay on time, no lates, not much debt on any lender so good debt to income ratio etc, good scores. They lower my limit from 10k to 500 while all other lenders are moving in the opposite direction. Confused but I have other credit so no big deal. Maybe I didn't spend enough on it. Citi claims its nothing I did wrong
  4. Yeah the fr sometimes doesn't make any sense. The times I would accept it is if I'm trying to spend a lot. If I'm only spending a few thousand a month and paying in full that should be low risk to amex and I wouldn't expect a fr from that 10 thousand a month and that would be a different story.
  5. I've has it for a while with a 10k limit. BMW wouldnt budge on the limit and its generally almost always pay in full. Now elan/world bank took it over. I have a fidelity card they took over and have dealt with them in the past, and overall like them and have had good experiences with them. I called and talked to them about a credit increase. They are normally pretty conservative with limits but to my surprise they went from 10k to 20k. Also the reward structures seems better. Its a world MasterCard now and the points can be converted to cash back if you have no interest in buying a BMW When talking to their underwriter, they hinted quite a few times about me recommending the card to friends and family. They definitely hinted that they want to add more to their portfolio and made it seem like their normally somewhat strict approvals would be a little less strict to gain customers. It may be a card worth trying for. She did say customers who are building credit are being approved with a higher interest rate and lower credit line to get their food in the door as a pay in full card to build. May be something to keep an eye on. Not trying to convince anyone to apply but spreading the info I got directly from the horses mouth. When the card was with BMW financial, the reward structure sucked so I'm guessing they didn't have a huge portfolio. I know elan/world bank likes big portfolios and they run tons of cards for credit unions etc
  6. Looked into a civic lease deal at the Honda dealer. I looked online and went through the numbers. The total payments plus the 2k down were still under 10. I wouldn't put 2k down on a lease but was a reference point on what they do with no negotiation Anyways,with a decent credit score, went to the dealer, the total for the 3 years including down payment came to 13,100 and then i could buy it for 12000. Keep in mind this was a base model with a manual so nothing fancy With a 730 credit score what should I be looking at down on a lease like that? I looked into some american brands and the lease deals seemed worse than the finance. Is that due to more expected depreciation during the 36 months?
  7. I see ads for lease deals like 2k down and 200 a month etc. Can you negotiate maybe only 1k down and then 200 a month as an example? Or would less down always raise the monthly payment similar to financing? I'm really hoping to negotiate the up front down payment. Work will pay half of my monthly lease within reason but the money up front they won't help with. I've never had a lease so I'm new to it all
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