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  1. I’m between 6-7 years away on my on my final SOL delinquencies. No one is currently contacting me about any past accounts. And all past delinquencies are linked to previous addresses (still on my report but not where I’ve lived for years). When would be the best time for me to write letters? And would I be helped in any way by trying to remove old addresses?
  2. Can this never be stopped/ended? Is there any limitation? For the rest of my life will I need to worry about these acts? Granted, I’m the one who created this mess but I would have hoped good behavior for the last 7 years and moving forward would make up for past mistakes.
  3. In my situation, all previous delinquencies will be beyond the 7 year mark in less than 12 months. Would you suggest phone calls and or letters before that 7 year mark, after the 7 year mark, or neither? I’m not currently being contacted by anyone. At what point do I apply for a quality credit card to start rebuilding? Once my credit score is over a specific score, or not until the 7 year limit has expired and my report has no delinquencies showing?
  4. If I wait beyond the 7 year mark and all my past delinquent behavior is entirely off all my reports and I have a hard pull of my credit to obtain a new credit card, are you saying it’s possible old debt collectors will find me and my new credit and maybe start asking to be paid old debts?
  5. Thank you. Does my situation not call for a hard freeze?
  6. Are Opting Out and “freezing” your credit, the same thing? If I opt out does that mean I’d have to eventually opt back in to apply for a credit card or future loan? Thank you for explaining
  7. I used your link about opting out to read the NYT article. Are you advising I opt out so my debts don’t get sold after the 7 year mark and new companies don’t start contacting me more than 7 years later? Or will this help me avoid new credit offers fill my mailbox? Is this different from a credit freeze? Would you advice people with good credit and no delinquent history also opt out?
  8. All these links and direction you’ve supplied are amazing. These are very educational and very helpful. If I’m in a situation where I’m months away from the 7 year mark on past delinquency and no creditors are contacting/harassing me, is there any additional benefit to writing these letters other than time? Thank you for all your help
  9. Should I wait until all have passed the 7 year mark until I order my paper credit reports so I can check and be sure they are all gone?
  10. The SOL for my state to be sued has already passed. As best as I can understand the document I downloaded from Experian, the 7 year mark should pass for all my debts in just under a full year from today. would this mean you’d suggest I do nothing and just wait the year? Can I apply to open a new credit card? What if something is still being reported after 7.5 years?
  11. If I’m reading things correctly, all my debts have passed my state’s SOL. my debt is all non medical debt. Reading the link you provided above, it got me a little concerned where it says my correspondence could end up in court. I read the letter which has a portion discussion the collection agency contacting me, but I’m not receiving phone calls nor emails nor letters. I did receive a letter a few years ago about one item but cannot find it at this moment, though I did save it. I’m not being contacted at all now, by any of the items listed in my first post. It’s possible I find myself in a unique situation. Might it be best to just let time pass rather than contact the agencies who might start to contact me in return? Or must I do this to clean my credit report?
  12. I’m clearly letting my newbie flag fly. thanks for helping
  13. Thank you for the welcome and advice. some newbie questions: is the SOL different for all debts and collections? If a debt is delinquent and sent to collections, does the SOL start over? If my SOL is less than a year away, is it better to just let it expire rather than dispute or are reports not removed once they reached SOL and still must be disputed? what is different about the paper copies? Is there information they provide that I cannot access online? It’s not much money but I’d still rather use the free ones if they are an option. to repeat a question above, should I be trying to have old addresses/phone numbers removed from my report or is that a later step to take? Thanks for helping
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