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  1. I need help or guidance. I am planning to have couple dba for my business in different niches. How can this work as far as my credit reporting to the bureaus?
  2. Hello MB007 what is smartcredit? can you point me out the details for it?
  3. I applied for the Fleet/BOA in May of 05. It was actually my very first application (other then PG'd cc from a few years ago) and really was what piqued my interest in credit building. I applied online and was checked the status a few days later and was shocked when they approved it at 100K. Even more shocking I have yet to talk to one representative from Fleet or BOA. Approval was without any verification whatsoever. Potentially relevant facts that may be related to approval: BOA personal CC for 8 years with a perfect history, though I didn't realize at the time I had 4 tradelines with Experi
  4. I have TC daily pulls, one almost 7 yrs APPL BANK CARD CHARGOFF DELETED YESTERDAY my TC score drop from EQ by 35 Points but no alert with EQ SW. I wondering why this happened.nothing were on TU and EX. Any ideas whay mighty that be happened
  5. eker


    my balance is over 9k and my payment is $230
  6. Is it revolving or net 30 account same as AMEX and BPMC thanks
  7. Advantage of shell corp is the number of how long have you've been in biz,this will help you for vendors/lenders looking atleast 2yrs in biz just to talk to you or solicite your biz,once you put footstep then you may come up with your history of sole ownership docs. As far as for the online apps like hdmc,citi cards,dell,Best buy etc their system will recognize you've been in 2yrs. But after two years having financial docs then your age will be four yrs. This is just my 2cts
  8. does the bank have to be citi bank? or really just any bank <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You can just go at any BANK, You need your ID only.
  9. What about an officer(president,VP sec,etc) for two different corporation applying citi cards for each corporation.
  10. Is anyone know any equipment leasing/financing company who pulls TU only.I have decent FICO on there.
  11. I don't have them removed, I apply for accounts every 3 to 6 months to avoid any alerts, this will give time for the older inquires (2 year old inquiries) to fall off on their own. Revolving door. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How many inquiries can somebody have at a certain duration.
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