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  1. (went back to the top to thank everyone that I couldn't thank while my first post was still "pending") Thanks to you all for your help! I called Synchrony and this time they were very helpful, unlike last year. The rep explained that Bill Me Later had some transition last year etc etc, stuff I'd already googled, but he said that could be why I got bounced around when I tried to flag the inquiry last year, no one really knew what to do. Anyway, I got transferred to the fraud department and they processed my claim and promised that they were closing the account immediately, informing the credit bureaus, removing the hard inquiry AND removing the one from last year as well. He also promised to follow up with a letter to me explaining and confirming their actions. He said they would take care of everything on their end, however, I still activated the credit freeze and fraud alerts on my credit reports, just in case. I'll give it a week or so to see it all disappear. Not sure if I should still do a police report at this point or just consider it handled since I caught it early?
  2. Okay, the plot thickens. While I was waiting to get a hard copy of my report, I just got another notification from CK that I now have an actual CREDIT CARD issued by Synchrony/Paypal Credit, in the amount of 300. But when I log into my paypal account, I do not see Paypal Credit at all, however, I can see the information (in CK) for the card, including account number. Looks like identity theft, perhaps. They must have attempted it last year and it fell through, but tried it again and it went through this time. I'll be calling Synchrony first thing in the morning and following through on ID theft procedures. This is awful, never had this happen to me. Never had credit good enough for anyone to want to steal, haha. Let me go read the ID theft threads now and research. I hope the damage can be repaired. It's only 300 but they were probably just testing to see what they could start with.
  3. Hi, this inquiry was made on 2/25. I got the email from Credit Karma in the wee hours of the morning so I joined and made this post.
  4. Interesting. 6 reported inquiries - but hard or soft? It's not clear. I wonder if inquiries have less weight, the higher your score? Thanks for sharing!
  5. Haha at Suckrony, kudos to whomever labeled that one! I don't have any plans for credit usage for a while now so I'll freeze my credit. Considering the id theft, nothing else has been attempted since last year, no other instances. You'd think they would have had a field day when I was getting a mortgage. I thought hard inquiries significantly dropped your score?
  6. It's time for my annual pull so I'll do that and get them mailed. I should also be able to see if the inquiry is on there. This all just happened yesterday, woke me up out of my sleep and sent me to the computer at 3 a.m.! Nope. I have not clicked on ANYTHING in PP other than whatever is needed to complete the transaction. I know accidents can happen but I'm pretty careful about reading things and I'm sure I would have noticed. Especially since I didn't even use PP to pay for anything lately. When it happened last year, it was also out of the blue. Odd that it happens again nearly a year later. I'm going to look on my other reports to be sure, but it does say that it's a hard inquiry. The warning originally came from Credit Karma, which I know is not a "real" report but it's good for alerts. Same scenario last year, CK warned me and then sure enough as I got further into the mortgage process, the inquiry was there.
  7. Nearly a year ago, this hard pull showed up on my CR out of the blue. At that time, it said Synch/PayPal, so I contacted PP first and they played dumb and sent me to Synchrony Bank who also played dumb. PP finally provided me a form to fill out, requesting the hard pull be removed. At the time, I was buying a house so I just needed to provide my lender with the proof that I was "innocent" and show that I was attacking the potential identity theft. Once my mortgage was approved, I never went back to check to see if the inquiry was removed. Today, I wake up - 11 months later - and there's another hard inquiry from what now says 'Bill Me Later' and strangely the last inquiry is now labeled as Bill Me Later. That was weird since I know it used to say something different but that clued me in that they were related. I have not applied for anything at all since I bought my house a year ago. NOTHING. I don't plan on financing anything for a long time, but I'm understandably ANGRY, not only at this new inquiry but the fact that they never removed the old one either. Googling, it seems they've done this to many people. Several complain that they actually had PP Credit/BML accounts that were inactive but BML periodically does hard pulls. I don't have PP Credit, never have. I only use PP to shop online and send money! I am going to call BML when they open and see where that gets me but I want to prepare to launch a major attack against them for this, anticipating that they'll just spin me. Disputing with TransUnion gets me nowhere, for inquiries they just tell you to complain to the company that did it. Anyone else have this problem? I searched and didn't see the same, only people who have PP Credit. This is UNAUTHORIZED HARD INQUIRY, twice, from the same company, looks like yearly fishing.

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