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  1. Ok, so I can bypass the dispute to CRA TU? Or still go through all the steps in your process? I think I am understanding you to say that the current relationship between the CA and OC has been established given my wayward path. I am confident in the amount given the invoice amounts all match up (from the OC, and after speaking with the representative about my EOB) with the exception of the added interest the collection agency sent in their letter in Dec. They are reporting the invoiced balance due, and their itemized statement has the invoices balance due but the associated letter they sent has added interest. Also, if I am instructed to proceed with the dispute and TU does delete, do I still send the OC the HIPAA letter with insert a and payment? Just want to be sure!
  2. Yes it’s medical. Date of service is 2/28/17 I have my original invoice from when I visited the urgent care. At the time of service I paid a copay. I have a high deductible health care plan so after the bill is sent to insurance to get the discounted contractual rate it should have been sent to me by the urgent care for the remainder of the bill. It was never sent. I have contacted my insurance company to get the EOMB. Awaiting that as well. The account is reporting incorrectly as the CA is listing the DOFD as they would non-medical debt. So it’s listed from when they received the account in July rather than the DOS in February.
  3. Hi, I’ve been lurking and reading and I’m ready to see if I can start the process. i just recently became aware of your process so I’m posting to inquire if I need to give myself a “reset” period. Or if I can proceed. Or if I’m doomed. Details are as follows: -pulled my TU report in Oct (Preparing for home purchase). CA was not reporting . -Enrolled in credit monitoring and received an update in Nov that a negative account was added. (CA claims they have been reporting since 2017) -Dec, reactivated my acct with Collection shield 360 who disputed the acct with the CA on my behalf. -Dec Received a letter denoting the itemized charges and then added interest on the account. also received my account invoice, the invoice I was mailed has the description of services blacked out but not the diag and cpt4 codes - allowed the time for collection shield 360 to complete their service -Feb contacted the OC via phone to request an acct invoice and to inquire about opportunities for a PFD. OC said it’s up to CA to recall or negotiate that. I could pay OC, but they were unable to delete. They connected me with CA. -Feb,CA refused a PFD (and got pretty ugly on the phone) -Feb, I filed a CFPB complaint against the CA for having my PHI, -CA response asserts they have not violated any State or fed laws -CFPB sent the complaint involving OC to FTC😱 -this is still w/in SOL in TX and is the freshest collection on my report. -a further insurance processing will not resolve this bill. It has been processed although I never received a bill. I’ve sent letters for personal information update on my credit reports and will opt out. I’m waiting on my TU paper report to come in the mail to begin the dispute to the CRA if it’s still an option for me.

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