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  1. I had a repo back in 2017 with a $25K deficiency. In retrospect I think the process was flawed (never received notification of redemption rights or notice of auction). At this late date I don't want to wake a sleeping tiger by challenging the process since BMW never came after me and are still holding on to the debt. With some persistence I was able to get the negative entry removed from TransUnion and Equifax but not Experian. Any suggestions on how to proceed, or should I just stop trying to dispute with Experian? I've tried a few times. All they do is contact BMW who says the repo is legit and update my file. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for taking time to respond. I appreciate it!
  3. Hello, new member here and I hope you can assist. To help rebuild my credit I was recently added as a AU to a friend's AMEX account. My FICO scores are around 625 now and should rise to 660 or better next month since I'm paying down some debt. My questions: Does being a AU on the existing AMEX account guarantee that AMEX will approve me for my own card if I apply? Should I be a AU for a certain amount of time? Would they consider me for a Platinum card, or should I be less aggressive and try for the Green or Gold first? I have the income (+$90K) and the utilization on my accounts is about 15% with an active car loan in good standing. I have 9 accounts (5 seasoned and 4 AU). Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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