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  1. So, after we got ourselves all cleaned up (two years ago this month, thanks CB!), we bought our home, got a new car and were offered a decent credit card. We are both still in school, so we are accumulating student loan debt (at around $15000, total, combined right now!). However, as teachers, we are eligible for loan forgiveness for working in an impoverished district, so we aren't that worried about that. But, it is on our reports as deferred. Last Christmas (07), hubby was offered a job out of state that required an immediate purchase of some supplies. Since, at the time, our car loan was new, and we had been in the house just over a year, we opted for a loan with Citifinancial. We figured we would have the $5000 repayed within a matter of months with his new job, and we would be just fine! Our CC happens to be with Citi as well. Well, the job was not as shiny as had been expected, but we were still in the hole with the debt. When I realized how they were figuring their interest (based on the loan balance + the TOTAL accumulated interest...basically they were figuring interest based on owing them $9000!!!!), and made a concerted effort to pay it back ASAP. Then Citi got into trouble, and we wanted out. I just took them the last payment and are out from under them!!! However, with the mess Citi is facing as a whole, I don't want to be rate-jacked on the CC. We are carrying around $3000, which after killing myself with Citifinancial, I cannot pay off right away. Keeping in mind we have NO lates on ANYTHING... I get a notice that they are going to be moving the rate to 17% due to "the current credit climate". I want OUT!! Since we opted out of everything during our repair process, I get no offers. I don't want to waste my inquiries... where should I turn for a balance transfer? Any other advice? I hope to be debt free, excluding my home, by the end of summer. Any suggestions!
  2. We closed on our house, the mortgage has yet to hit and our scores are in the mid-700's. We want to apply for a good card, with high CL's and decent interest rates. We also want to limit our inq's, we have about 12 on EX. Any suggestions?
  3. I think the bottom three will be: Bucky Kevin Lisa with Bucky going home. He just isn't very good. He isn't terrible, but at this point is certainly out of his league. I think Kelli Pickler is awful, and really isn't very cute, I don't get it. She has been plain awful in the preceeding weeks and I was hoping she would suck last night, but alas, she sang the best she has to this point. I also want to run Ace over with my car. I feel like he loves himself enough for both of us...... he just irks me. My prediction is that Chris, Katherine or Mandisa will win... with Elliot, Taylor and Paris making up the top six.
  4. As you may have seen in my previous post, we are set to close April 10th-ish. Our scores are now low to mid 700s. I have heard that when we initiate a mortgage, it tanks your scores for a few months. I have also heard of people buying new furniture right before a close, screwing up thier DTI ratio and falling out of thier loans. So, we will need a refrigerator, vaccuum and washing machine PDQ upon moving in (of course we could use two couches and some dressers, but those can wait a year, a couple of empty rooms never killed anyone). At what point is it most beneficial to try for new credit? The mortgage company has done thier final pull (and we are now at 13 and 14 on EX due to all the pulling over the past month!), and we would like to get credit rates with our good scores, but don't want to endanger our home. Any suggestions?
  5. thanks to CB, we got our A+ approval with no conditions last night from the underwriter. Someone is actually going to lend me money to buy a house! Construction is set to complete on April 4 (two weeks!), then we have walk through, corrections (we have been in so often, there really isn't much) and closing. I am hoping for April 10. April 14th at the lastest. That would be Good Friday.... I almost cried when I got word from my loan officer last night!
  6. bump... I'm gonna try to make a decision today. I wonder if I fax and demand it be removed by Friday or I will take it to an attorney would work?
  7. So, I get a letter today (actually yesterday, but I just checked my mail today): I left all misspellings and grammar errors in place for your enjoyment. march 15, 2006 Dear us, I am in reciept of your letter dated March 7, 2006. As I explained in my letter of March 9th, there is no statute related law baring any action other our initiation of civil suit. Your only dispute mentions before now has been to the statute of limitations and is not a valid dispute. The FDCPA section 809a specifies a period of time as "Validation of Debt" period. It is this agency policy that our initial communication is a firts notice of Validation Notice. This validation notice was mailed starting the thrity-day validation period for account #223711 on December 19, 2000 (for a debt from Sept 99?) and ended January 18, 2001. This Validation notice was mailed starting the thirty-day validation period for accoutnt #230589 on April 19, 2001 (for a debt from March 2000?). No dispute or request for verification of debt was made during these periods. (We have a copy of a returned letter "not at this address, return to sender" which they sent in their "validation" packet. Doesn't that prove that they knew we didn't recieve anything? ) A consumer's rights under FDCPA 809b are only valid during this thirty day period. It is our company policy to furnish verification fo debt whenever it is requested, as we have done for each account on three occasions. (Actuallly, once for the 22 account and NEVER aside from a screen shot once for the other) We have verified the status of these items as reported to the credit reporting agencies in compliance with the FCRA, and have indicated a comment of "completeed investigation of dispute- consumer disagrees" (this isn't on any of the reports). We have not re-aged them as you have claimed. (really? 7/99 = 12/2000 and 4/2000= 5/2001? that new math... I'll never understand). We are nto required to indicate an account as "Disputed Status" in response to a dispute submitted to a third party credit reporting agency.. The term "legal means" is not a threat of civil suit. The definition of "legal" as defined by Websters (didn't know Websters was a legal reference) is, "permitted by law", an is not the Sec 1033 notice required for suit. (Since it is time-barred, what "permitted by law" means would you be speaking of? Four times in four months?) This agency has been in business for more than twenty years (oh, then you certainly deserve my respect) and operates by the letter of the law. (as defined by Websters no doubt). There is no violation here (you are right, there are many). I am however willing to offer you cancellation of the debt and deletion of all credit reporting information without admission as settlement. Sincerely ....... Well, on one hand, it could be off by Friday if I fax it and stipulate. On the other hand these guys are jerks. The one will be deleted in 3 months anyway... I don't know, what would you do? I would hire an attorney because I am not confident enough to go before a judge pro se. Is it worth it for a clear report 2 weeks before closing to take it (these are the last things on hubby's account)? Or should I continue. Decisions, decisions.
  8. "its.... its... PEOPLE!" with all the overacted melodrama Charlton Heston could muster.....
  9. don't say that!!! I am afraid of some fancy footwork at the end... we actually only had $2832 in collections, but as of today only $1206, which we could pay if need be (if my ITS pays off, that will become $222 next week).
  10. As a lone voice, I will say that I stopped watching after Season One, when I thought it crossed a line. And while I get the hipocrisy of it all, I must say I admire him for AT LEAST standing up for his beliefs as soooo few in Hollywood actually do. I find Scientology to be weird as well, I once worked for a family that insisted I read Dianetics and a couple of other books in order to care for their children..... it kinda scared me. Yet, they are entitled to thier beliefs and ethical structure, and I say more power to him for doing what he felt was right.
  11. We locked! We got a better rate for being under 30 days, the next bump would be to do a 15 day lock, if rates didn't rise. I just figured that with a $160000 loan, .125% wouldn't save us that much, or cost us that much ($8ish), so we decided to go ahead and lock...
  12. Well, today when I pulled True Credit, Palisades was GONE!! Remember I sent them a letter on Feb. 23.... not even a month! I haven't recieved anything from them directly, but I'm sure that receiving the above DV, along with a BBB complaint, and contact by the AG and FTC all within a matter of days must have let them know I was serious. With the fast response from this and LVNV, I believe I will forever 1-2-3-4 punch all CA's from now on. You all here at CB certainly gave the practice and confidence to assert my rights.
  13. Well, our previous lender was not being cooperative, so we found another. After guy #1 made us a GFE, I got anther from #2, and it was better, so I #1 back (the only way we had communicated), and said thanks, but no thanks. End of story. We went on our merry way with #2, this week, a month later #1 emails me to say that he needs my docs and started the appraisal and title search!! I had to email him back and explain that not only did #2 beat his rates, but found a loan that is not going to make us pay off the collections (see thread "sick to my stomach"), so thanks, but no thanks. He emailed me back saying he could do that if we went subprime, blah blah blah. (He told us that with our "good scores", we would need to pay off every penny of every collection, no matter the circumstance.) It just seemed desperate. Any how, DH's mid is 707, and mine is 665. We got a 30 yr fixed, 100% loan for 6.5%. We can have upto $5000 in collections, and since we rolled the closing costs into the loan, we will only need to bring about $300 to the table. Also, I am so afraid at some point they are going to change thier minds and not give us a loan. At what point is it safe to get excited? Just wanted to see what the experts thought..... construction should be completed on April 6, keys in hand April 14 (Good Friday).

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