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  1. Just got off the phone with Duke and they had not sold the debt to anyone. I paid it off, and in case I still see the collection trade-line on my credit reports, I'll dispute it like you did. Thanks a lot for your help, really appreciate it. Quick question on the disputing part- would I need to dispute the collections on all 3 CRAs? Thanks again.
  2. Oh I see! My unpaid bill is from July 2019, and I checked the bill, it is legitimate, but now I'm unable to login to Duke's portal as they have removed my account from their system. However, I believe I can pay it off over a call itself and follow what you did afterwards. So how did you get to know regarding the 'Duke had sent the info to the collection agency but had not sold the debt' part? Just curious since this might apply to my case as well.
  3. No, the OC is not reporting, only the CA is reporting to the CRAs! I haven't yet, I wanted to explore the possibilities before actually talking with them.
  4. I'm not sure if this is the information you were asking for, please let me know if there are some other details you were looking for and I can provide those!
  5. Yes, there is a single trade-line reported on the credit reports as a Collection Account with the name of the CA as well as the OC mentioned, along with the amount due. Do you think there is a way to get the trade-line removed after paying off the debt to the OC?
  6. Correction- the attached letter is not relevant to my situation (yet). The letter given in the other thread (https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/538754-pay-oc-instead-of-ca-process-letter/&tab=comments#comment-5183864) is for when the CA had not reported the collections to the CRAs. However in my case, that has already been done. Do you reckon I should still follow the same procedure? -Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply! So from I could gather from the thread, I will firstly contact the OC and pay off the amount and get all the relevant information from their end regarding the payment. Then I will draft a letter similar to the one present in this thread- Is there anything else I should do for the same (like write to the CRA, etc.)?
  8. Hi, this is my first post here as I'm kind of stuck in a situation and need help. After moving out from my previous apartment in Indiana, I forgot to pay the electric bill (Duke Energy) for the final month which I did not realize until 4 days ago when I saw a collections record on my credit report. Now I did not receive any communication from the CA or OC regarding the debt until I saw the CR. I have not yet talked to either the CA or OC, but I’m more than willing to pay the whole debt amount ASAP, but would like to get the collections record removed from my CR. I’m a foreign national and do not know much about such processes, but I don’t want a near $100 debt stain my credit score for years to come. I have read some of the discussions in this forum on this topic, and understand that I should first talk to the OC and get the debt settled. What I'm not clear about is what steps I should undertake after that. I would highly appreciate if someone could guide me with this or share their personal experiences in such situations. Thanks for helping out!
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