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  1. I've had a few medical collection accounts on my CRs the past few years. I send dispute letters (following WhyChat's instructions). Without any communication, TU and EX delete them. But EQ refuses. Has anyone else noticed that EQ is playing hardball or is it just me?
  2. I am at the final step. I sent the medical DV letter to the CA and the follow up to EQ. Waiting to hear back. I cannot believe a $215 collection drops your score 100pts. WTF. for $200?! And if they don't do pay to delete it's like you're just screwed for 7 years.
  3. I am trying to get a new home loan and I want to make sure I do this correctly. I have a $214 collection on my CRs from a medical bill. The CA refuses to do a pay to delete. I followed WhyChat's initial dispute letters. Experian and TU immediately removed the collection. As for Equifax, I didn't hear anything from them. Nothing in the mail or email. The collection is still showing on EQ and it says "closed/validated". So they must have got validation from the OC or CA but I never received anything. What exact step should I do at this point about removal? I'm a bit confused reading WhyChat's site. As I said I was never contacted by anyone (CA, OC, CRA) regarding the dispute. I would just pay it but the CA will flat out not do a pay to delete. This collection has dropped by FICO from 780 to 650. It's insane. If anyone can help plz let me know I appreciate Whychat and this board's help so much. It's hard to believe a $215 collection causes this much damage but it may cost me a home loan and my new house.
  4. I have no cc debt and no missed/late payments ever. The only accounts on my CR are my car, home mortgage, and 3 cc accounts ($60,000 total avail credit, 0% used). I bought a house 2 years ago and my FICO was 770. I check directly with the 3 bureaus on occasion and my FICO is 750+. Today I submitted a mortgage refi application to my credit union and they came back and told me my FICO came back as 650. The interest rate was a bit high. What gives? Why would the FICO be so low now? I've never came back lower than a 720 at any time in my life. If nothing has changed on my reports why would it be so low now?
  5. I had a $1,100 medical collection pop us on all 3 of my reports. I mailed WhyChat's initial HIPAA letter to all 3 CRAs. I never heard from any of them. To my disbelief, Experian and TU both completely deleted the collection account within a few weeks! Heck yea Whychat! However, Equifax did not delete. They put a notice "consumer disputes this debt" but they did not delete it. I also never got any correspondence from them at all. What is my next step?
  6. I had 3 collection accounts all showing from the same company for an MRI scan. My insurance was suppose to pay then they refused. I owed a total of $2,300. The CA was nice and sent me letters and called once a month. I refused to pay, they put the collection accounts on all 3 of my CRs. Approx 6 months later I sent the CRAs a dispute letter asking them to verity the debt and comply with HiPAA. To my shock, they deleted the derogatory collection accounts! I don't know if they ever made contact with the CA or the original creditor but it was actually that easy. I can't believe it. I didn't even send the letters certified, just regular mail. Can anyone explain how this went so smooth?
  7. I had a medical bill for $2,000 go into collections with AmeriCollect. Although it was 1 bill, they broke it up as 3 different collection accounts on my CRs totaling the $2,000. My FICO dropped from 800 to 740. I tried negotiating the debt down with AmeriCollect and they had me on hold for 20 mins only to come back with "we will take $50 off". Screw that. I applied today for a Citibank cc and a Chase cc as these banks are offering huge frequent flyer mile bonuses for new sign ups. Both banks denied me. I have no other negatives or lates on my CR ever since I was 18 years old (i'm 46 now). Was it the collection accounts that caused the denials?

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