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  1. yes, unfortunately. Was on a roll paying off all our credit cards using a snow ball plan, but husband was laid off in February so snowball has been put on the back burner for now until he finds another job. Unemployment coming in, plus I work full time, but unemployment is less than what he was bringing home weekly so have to make minimum payments on all cards for now so they don't fall behind. And with the cost of groceries and gas increasing, we are watching our outgoing money closely. Sucks, but at least I'm able to make the minimums on them.
  2. My husband bought me a small ring for Christmas with his Kay's card and it was on promotion 0% interest if paid in 6 months. We have a balance on the card and I make the payments each month. About 3 months ago, I noticed the "promotional plan" part as I didn't know the ring was under it. I thought cool, I can pay it off and it won't need to be on there. I asked them how it worked. They messaged me some standard automated reply that once you make your minimum payment, any amount left over applies to the promotional plan. The ring was 443.00. So two months ago I paid 75.00 extra but only65.00 was applied to the ring. So the balance on it was 378.00. Last month I made the mimimum payment, then a week later paid another 100.00 extra. But it was applied to the main balance and not to the promotional plan. Its showing we still owe 378.00 on it and the 0% interest ends in June. What the heck? Is this their weird way of someone not being able to pay off a promotional plan on 0% so that they can turn around and add it to the regular account and charge that insane interest on it?
  3. I have a few lates reported on 3 different creditors that are old. Two of the cards have been paid off several months to a year and one is my student loan. Cap 1 card-3 lates reported Jan 2018, April 2017, & May 2016. Cap 1 car-1 late Oct 2016, and my student loan that I'm still paying on but have been on time since with a 90 day late Aug 2017 and a 90 day late May 2016. Was curious if it was possible because I see them on my Experian report and was curious if I could request a removal or if they would even do it?
  4. Its been a long time since I've been on here. I just remembered about it today. When I started our journey about 4yrs ago, our credit numbers were in the low 500's. But about 3yrs ago, I started using undebt.it and started paying on all our credit cards/loans. Well, I'm down to the last two years. The projected completion is showing me Dec. 2023 for debt free with our credit cards, loans, and a car payment. I really want to buy a home in the next few years after my son graduates high school in 2023 and getting these paid off will help. We have an opportunity in the next 3 months to buy a home that we wanted last year but it sold on us. She is going to sell and man, its really a cute little dream home that would be affordable for us IF we didnt' still owe on the debts. Hubby thought we could swing it. So I came in to work today and crunched all the numbers of what we make after taxes on our paychecks and what we pay for EVERYTHING each month(credit cards, utilities, insurances, loans, etc) minus groceries and gas and eating out. We make about 4600 a month, but the money going out to cover everything is costing us 3248, might as well round it up to 3300 a month. That doesn't realistically leave much for a house payment and taxes. So...I'm putting on my big girl panties and sticking to our payoff plan and gonna throw all extra money that comes our way to the payments so we can get them paid off a little faster. Just in credit card payments each month is about 1800. Thats enough for a house payment and taxes/insurance. Opened my eyes to see how much we are throwing away each month. Enough is enough. The good thing in all of this is, our credit is pretty good now Experian 729 & 731 and absolutely no lates and even paid to delete an old collection about a year ago. So no collections on either of our credits. Just need to keep it up and pushing through. Its tempting to buy a home now..but it would be detrimental to my goal and I would like to be able to shop for the home I will want till I die. I'm 52 and he's almost 55, so don't want to wait too long. Our current home is paid for, its a 1999 double wide mobile home. But we don't own the property. It sits on an acre that belongs to my inlaws. Its 5ac of property, but they built a home across the yard/driveway, and their daughter put a trailer house on the other side of their home. And a son lives in their driveway in his travel trailer for last 2 years. Plus another daughter/her hubby and their little boy are living with the parents because the house they bought a year ago needed renovation and with covid the contractors left and never came back. With all this, there are always a minium of 12 vehicles down the driveway you have to maneuver around. Its pretty ridiculous. We just want our own piece of property and home and after living here 15 yrs...I'm ready for a change and some peace. So here's to opening my eyes and facing the music to what we actually pay each month and pushing through to be debt free and open to buying a home in the future before we get too old or die first.
  5. Last week I got an email that my Target Redcard was closed due to inactivity and this week I got an email that my Discount Tire card was closed. Both have been paid off over a year. Never late on either. CL on target was 1k and on Discount tire 800. Not a huge thing for DT..but still. I was getting close to needing new tires on my car in a few months. Had Redcard since 2006. Used it a whole lot back in the day when I had 3 kids to buy supplies and clothes for. Now it was last used over a year ago probably for christmas or something. I guess my credit will take a hit now? I have about 3 more cards that are paid off and I'm sure they aren't far behind closing them either. No lates on those either. I've just been really concentrating on paying off the cards I still have with balances on them from.
  6. My husband and I have each had a Target RedCard since 2006. Zero balances. We used both of them last in November and December of 2019. Only charge hubby's to the max ONCE in all those 14yrs only because money was really tight and all three kids back then needed school clothes and supplies and probably other whatnot. But it was paid off quickly. Most purchases in past years have only been 100-200 dollars and paid off in a few months time each time. I don't understand why they'd close both? They only had 800.00 limits which is nothing..but it was how long we've had them to just up and close them without saying "hey...you need to charge something small on this card before we close it on you."
  7. I have a Synchrony Bank debt that was listed on my credit report from Portfolio Recovery. The orginal debt was from 2017 and PRA put it on my credit report last November. I did not take care of it. I ignored it. But yesterday I received a letter from Rausch, Sturm....not a threat letter. Just saying they have acquired this PRA debt and want payment for it. My credit took a hit with the collection down 24pts. And I really don't want to be sued and a judgment put on my credit. I've worked very hard to improve my credit that last 4 years and it is my one and only collection on my credit and I just honestly got lazy with that one debt and procrastinated. My question is, if I make payment arrangement with them to pay 100 a month(debt is 1271.00), will they not sue me and allow me to pay it off in 12 months and will they remove it from my credit report as well or will it stand? I guess from everything I read about them online, I'm afraid of them suing me still in the middle of making good on it more than anything. But would love for them to remove it from my report once I've paid it in full. Any advice?
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