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  1. Last week I got an email that my Target Redcard was closed due to inactivity and this week I got an email that my Discount Tire card was closed. Both have been paid off over a year. Never late on either. CL on target was 1k and on Discount tire 800. Not a huge thing for DT..but still. I was getting close to needing new tires on my car in a few months. Had Redcard since 2006. Used it a whole lot back in the day when I had 3 kids to buy supplies and clothes for. Now it was last used over a year ago probably for christmas or something. I guess my credit will take a hit now? I have about
  2. My husband and I have each had a Target RedCard since 2006. Zero balances. We used both of them last in November and December of 2019. Only charge hubby's to the max ONCE in all those 14yrs only because money was really tight and all three kids back then needed school clothes and supplies and probably other whatnot. But it was paid off quickly. Most purchases in past years have only been 100-200 dollars and paid off in a few months time each time. I don't understand why they'd close both? They only had 800.00 limits which is nothing..but it was how long we've had them to just up and clo
  3. I have a Synchrony Bank debt that was listed on my credit report from Portfolio Recovery. The orginal debt was from 2017 and PRA put it on my credit report last November. I did not take care of it. I ignored it. But yesterday I received a letter from Rausch, Sturm....not a threat letter. Just saying they have acquired this PRA debt and want payment for it. My credit took a hit with the collection down 24pts. And I really don't want to be sued and a judgment put on my credit. I've worked very hard to improve my credit that last 4 years and it is my one and only collection on my credit a
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