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  1. Hey! I was hoping to get some insight on my very specific/abnormal situation, before I walk into a dealership. I have been self employed since early 2017, my income isn't high (>$20k average before taxes) but my cost of living is very low. My partner is a non-resident alien from Australia and plays baseball, so we bounce around all year, and the majority of the year we don't pay any kind of rent or utilities. My main bills are my phone and the gym and health insurance. (aka my income being low works for me) I have "very good" credit, bouncing between 730 - 750. We are looking to buy a used car from a dealership in the $9-$11k range, with very minimal down (less than $500) My questions are: will they ask for proof of income or will my score be enough? If they ask, should I include my partners income even though he has assumingely no credit, with that hurt or help me? Should I go in expecting a rate of 6%? Would it be better to go to a credit union for a loan rather than the dealership? Thanks!

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