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  1. Hey guys, so I paid off all my collections and am currently in the process of rebuilding my credit. After all my collections were paid off and i had pay for delete contracts with all the agencies. I applied for a credit one bank platinum credit card and got accepted. The limit is $300, and I also have a self lender secured credit card with $100 limit. I have the self installment loan, a kik installment loan as well. My credit score on fico is now 620 according to experian. I just want to know what the next step should be? Should i use 5%-10% of my new $400 combined credit limit ? I'm so excited that I got approved for a unsecured credit card, really want to build my score up enough to get something like a chase freedom, or an american express. Before my rebuilding process my score was 545, it is now at 620. All tips are appreciated.
  2. After that what should I try to get? Discover secured?
  3. Yes I have 2 installment loans accounts. I don't know if you heard of self lender. Its basically a secured personal loan. It's for $500. So I pay $25 a month ( I can pay it off they just reccomended $25 to have a lot of payments posted). And they post my $25 payment every single month. Starting next month the same company Self lender will give me a option to get a secured visa credit card and I Can add up to $500 on it as well. And that would be my first actual "secured credit card" on my file. The last I applied for any credit card was before I paid all my installments and I literally applied to a few I know that was very stupid of me) and I got rejected from all of them, so they all showed up as hard inquiries on my report. I'm stuck as to what do I do next. Should I just wait out the 90 days and wait for all my reports to reflect the pay for deletes on my credit report and then apply for something? At this point the only thing I will get approved for lol is that opensky and i dont think thats such a good option. Credit repair companies also offer to open a "tradeline" for 2 months for me, basically make me a authorize user on one of there credit cards. They said that adds there positive payment history to my file and then they can get me to apply to a credit card and get me approved. I don't know how true thatis thought sounds kind of ifffy. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  4. I don't have any secured credit cards though. I got denied for the capital one and discover secured cards. Discover im not sure why, at the time it said my credit had to many collections. And capital one I'm guess they denied me because one of the collections I just paid off was capital one. The self lender isn't a credit card its just a secured installment loan it is helping me inche up credit score wise. Grow credit is the same exact thing just another company. So as of now I Have no secured credit cards. Should I try another company maybe?
  5. Hey guys, I'd like to proudly say I have officially paid off all of my collections totaling around $3k and gotten in writing from all the collections agencies they will pay for delete. I'm 25 just graduated college the collections were from when I turned 18. I'm just unsure as to what the next step is? I have been on the self lender, and grow credit accounts for a few months now. Last I checked 2 months ago discover secured and capital one secured (one of the collections was a capital one card) denied me. Should I wait around 2 months for all the credit reports to update then try applying again? Should I get a open sky ? I really want to focus on getting a high score I have a good job now I also plan on paying all if any cc bills i get after getting approved in full. I was at a 480 fico with experian, im currently at a 576. But I'm hoping after the collections update as paid, then get removed as per the agreement with the CA's it might jump to 600's. My credit karma is already 600+ but I know that score is virtually useless. All advice is highly appreciated!
  6. It's only on my Experian and Equifax reports. The amount is $602 on both of them. But it was reported by fingerhut. The collections I paid off never even reported there account to any of my reports.
  7. Hey all! My Final collections was for a company called fingerhut and they reffered me to a company called jefferson capital. It was a $602 charge which they sold to JC, and I paid JC $220. It is completely settled. But it was after I paid them that I realized JC never reported to the agencies, but the orignal debter Fingerhut reported it as a charge off. Is there anything I can do to get the fingerhut charge-off removed? Because I already settled the account with the collection agency they sold it to.
  8. HEY! It got removed from my report automatically. Thank you!
  9. Hey so, a few days after making my post it just bounces off my report, and my fico jumped up a few points. So I guess it was 7 years from the DOFD. THank you man! Another question. I have now completely paid off all of my collections. My Final collections was for a company called fingerhut and they reffered me to a company called jefferson capital. It was a $602 charge which they sold to JC, and I paid JC $220. It is completely settled. But it was after I paid them that JC never reported to the agencies, but the orignal debter Fingerhut reported it as a charge off. Is there anything I can do to get the fingerhut charge-off removed? Because I already settled the account with the collection agency they sold it to.
  10. Hey Guys, So I succesfully paid off all my collections for 30% of the original debt, and also got written letters from the companies saying they will delete the collections within 30 days of making the payment. I have 1 final account that was for $2000, and it passed 7 years last month. I'm confused if to if I should call and settle it, or write a letter to the beaureuas to let them know its old enough to be removed. Also realized Creditkarma is *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity*, I only follow my fico scores now.
  11. it does have my real name you can remove it, but can you provide me some advice please
  12. Hello all, I hope everyone is doing good, and your weekends are going great. I'm currently 24 and a Junior in Baruch College NYC. Shoutout to any NYC brothers out there. I had gotten my first credit card when I was 18, Capital One Journey Student CL: $2000. I literally maxed it out in 3 months made one payment and never paid again, I'm stupid I know and I eventually did drop out of college as well. I then got approved for a Credit One Bank CL: $300, and a online shopping store fingerhut.com CL $500. I ended up maxing those out too and just never made a payment. I know I'm an idiot, but starting 2018, I got back into college and and started working again and now I'm practically 2 semester way from graduating, with a good Internship. I'd like to say I almost have my life back on track, I want to be able to get approved for a car loan, and a nice credit card get some miles. I see my colleagues and friends walk around with there chase sapphire reserves and I'm here getting rejected for even a Discover Secured Credit Card. 2 months ago I decided to take initiative, I download and got the Self Secured Loan, which is a $500 loan that this company approves for you and holds on to, as you pay it off $25 a month. It boosted my score a good 60-80 points across the 3 agencies. I also wrote 3 letters and sent them to the bureaus i don' know if they will work. I will attach a draft of one of the letters on here, as well put my credit score before and after, and my collections information. Please guys I heard a lot of good things about this forum and I am willing to be as dedicated and diligent as needed. I really wan't to be approved for a credit card again, be able to buy some things instead of having to save up cash every single time. Credit Karma Scores & Experian.com : Before Self Secure Loan Scores Transunion Score: 523 Equifax Score: 504 Experian: 480 After Self Secure Loan Scores Transunion Score: 612 (Current as of 2/1/20) Equifax Score: 560 (Current as of 2/1/20) Experian Score: 524 (Current as of 2/1/20) Collection Accounts on Credit Report: LVNV FUNDING: $703.00 Balance (Collection Agency that bought $300 Credit Limit Debt from Credit One Bank) Closed Charged Off Accounts: Capital One : Charged Off $2340.00 (Scheduled to be 7 years on Sep 1 2020, will be removed if I just wait) Credit One Bank: Charged Off $0 (Balance sold to LVV FUNDING) Fingerhut Web-Bank: Charged Off $500 (opened Nov 27, 2015 (4 yrs, 2 mos)) Application Rejections: I got rejected for the following secured credit cards and regular credit cards recently -Capital One Secured -Discover Secured -Indigo Credit Card -Discover Student It -Amazon Visa I had drafted some letters and sent them to the credit bureaus, more or less I learned from youtube and it said that asking the credit bureaus for written proof that I owe these accounts money will get them off. I am attaching a copy of what I sent. I removed my Address and ID picture from the copy im uploading here for obvious reasons, which I attached to it, but the copies I sent I has my ID and address one them. Any advice is helpful, I am willing to take all the necessary steps to get my credit on the rise again! Thank you in advance!

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