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  1. Hello, everyone. I need advice on how to increase my Fico score. My current Fico score I get monthly from Experian is currently 563. My goal is to increase it by 100 points or better. Here's a look at my current credit report on all 3 credit reporting agencies. The credit reporting look the same on all 3(Experian, Transunion and Equifax) I have only 2 open credit cards 1. Capital One MasterCard-$1, 500 credit limit with a $1,289 balance 2. Care Credit- $1, 400 credit limit with a $960 balance I have 16 late payments between 2018 and 2019 from these 2 open accounts. Some 30 day, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days I haven't been late or missed payments for nearly 10 months now. Both accounts are on auto pay. I have one Portfolio Recovery Associates collection account for $3,145..I'm on a settlement payment plan and PRA will delete it after my last payment. I expect to make the last payment within the next 4-5 months I have 7 closed accounts all but 3 were paid in full and closed at my request more than 6 years ago. The other 3 accounts are recent charge off accounts from 2019 that are now paid after completing a settlement plan. Where do I need to start or what do I need to do to increase my Fico score by 100 plus points. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello. The account has been resolved. Thanks to everyone.
  3. The OC isn't on her CR. She doesn't have any account information from the OC.
  4. I'm going to wait on the paper copy I ordered directly from Experian and Transunion. I found out that she received a copy of her Equifax on Friday. Here's how the PRA account is reporting on the real copy from Equifax Creditor Classification- Banking Status- Collection Account Date Open- 6/27/2019 Balance Amount- 3,145 Item As of Date Reported- 1/27/2020 Date of First Delinquency- 4/2018 Major Delinquency first reported-1/2020 Amount Past Due- 3,145 High Credit- 3,145 Type of Account- Open Type of Loan- Debt Buyer Whose Account- Individual Account Do you see any violations? And can you explain why the Creditor Classification is Banking when PRA is a debt collection agency? Thanks!
  5. Thank you. I'm still reading information on these areas.
  6. I'm waiting on the paper copy directly from all 3 major reporting agencies. For now I've been pulling the credit reports via online from the credit bureau. I just pulled the Transunion credit report via Transunion website and I can confirm that Tranunion is now reporting the PRA account was closed on 2-4-2020. So CK got the update from Tranunion. I logged into Experian to see if there's an update on PRA and there was on 2-7-2020 She received a dispute alert for the PRA account and it was updated as accurate information. It's not shown as a closed account. Nothing changed but the update date. I'm wondering why it updated as a closed account on Tranunion but not on Experian. Do anyone have any clues about the difference in reporting? I haven't checked Equifax yet.
  7. Here's a little update. She received a credit score drop alert from CK. Her TU score had dropped. I logged into the CK account then clicked the what's changed link and it said the change in credit score is the result of the PRA account newly updating as a closed account. The balance was removed from the collection amount but when I clicked on the PRA account the balance says $3,145 but the status says closed. What does this mean? Why would PRA close the account? Thanks!
  8. Thank you everyone for the advice. It has help me to understand the direction I should go to help her.
  9. I pull her Experian credit report. This is 1/2 screenshots of the PRA account.
  10. Hello. I need advice and info about florida laws, exempt incomes and collection agencies. My mom keep receiving letters/calls from a collections agency(Portfolio Recovery Associates) for a debt they say she owe from paypal. My mom has been retired for 2 years now and her only source of income is her social security retirement benefits which is only $1,098 monthly. She told the rep from PRA that she's low income and her only source of income is her Social Security benefits but the rep didn't care or take it into consideration and now they keep contacting her trying to force her to pay the debt. My question: Is her income exempt from collection agencies as a resident of Florida? Are there current Florida laws to protect her from Portfolio Recovery Associates calls and letters attempting to collect the debt they say she owe? If so is there an income exemption letter she can send PRA and can she file a compliant against PRA about their refusal to take her income into consideration?

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