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  1. Ok, I received this back from the CA. Can someone please tell me if this means it will be deleted? I am confused by their comment about having the OC "review" it. Also, if this does mean it will be deleted, how long will it take, typically? Thanks! "Convergent Outsourcing has not received a request from Comcast to have our information for this account be removed from the credit bureaus. In an attempt to help you find resolution, we have requested an e-Oscar credit delete for this account. We will forward a copy of your complaint to Comcast for further review. We sincerely hope
  2. Thanks Shifter. I will try that. Can I email the letter (I have an email address for them), or is mail better? I figure email is both quicker and more certain to arrive.
  3. This account was still within the SOL. I only paid it to clean up my report for my mortgage application. But I was told it would be deleted and have it in writing via chat transcripts. It seems extremely shady for a business to promise that in writing in order to receive a payment and then fail to live up to their end of the bargain. As for the question about my score, it did not go down upon payment. The CA was reporting every month, so the account wasn't dated more recently upon payment. But I was promised something and it hasn't happened. I realize nothing is 100%, but surel
  4. Hi, I had a collection account on my credit report that I wanted to have removed. CA (Convergent) wouldn't PFD (but they did say they would do what the OC told them to do), so I reached out to the OC (Comcast), who told me over the phone that if I paid the full balance, they would have the account removed from my credit report. I confirmed that they would do this, even though the account showed as Convergent's on my report. I was told yes, it would be deleted by them, as well, but they wouldn't offer anything in writing. So, I went on their chat system and the agent said the same thing; th
  5. Hi, I have a similar situation and want to confirm the best way to handle it. I found an account on my report from a CA. I had them verify the debt (it was for a final bill from Comcast a couple of years ago when I moved) and they did. They offered to settle for a lower amount, but claimed they couldn't delete. I called Comcast and they said they'd have it removed from my report if I paid in full. I called twice to verify with another operator and even created multiple chats with various agents to get this in writing and they all said yes, it will be deleted. So
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