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  1. Mailing a MOV - Procedural Request today. Will keep you posted.
  2. Thank you for the detailed information. Do you think I can still request a MOV with Chexsystems even though the bank sent copies of my bank statements to Chexsystems as verification of amount owed?
  3. "You could finish the dispute process which includes steps to take after they verify." Can you kindly detail which steps to take? Thank you.
  4. 1. Is there anything incorrect in the report information? There are a few variations of my name listed 2. Has the bank merged, or is it still in business? No 3. Did you negotiate payment/removal with the reporting bank? No. Should I do this with a phone call or is there a letter template I should use? 4. Do you need a non-Chexsystems bank or credit union in your area? No. Luckily I opened a new account with a different bank before this item began to report. I just want it gone. The bank says I owe them $1000 in fees, which is BS. How should I negotiate a removal? Thank you for your help.
  5. I have an item on Chexsystems that is pretty recent (2016), It is for my previous bank account that accessed me numerous fees. I sent a validation letter to Chexsytems and they sent a response back that the entry was validated and the bank even provided copies of my bank statement as proof, Is there any other way to get this item removed? What should my next step be? Please help. Thank you.
  6. Congrats!! Did you have to wait the full 10 years for your BK to fall off?
  7. It's all about what's important in your life. I'm no longer a "car guy" (I was in my single days) and tend to buy the most practical vehicle that fits my budget. To me cars are transportation, not a status symbol. I'd rather have a nicer place to live (but again nothing too expensive), put money into savings/retirement, or go on trips with my wife/kids. I don't like spending a lot of money on any one thing, but will splurge occasionally. I refuse to go into debt for anything except my house. I hear ya. Seems like you have your priorities in order for your life. For me however...I'm not married, don't have kids, but do travel and have a nice house which brings me joy. It's big, with a pool,tennis court, and lots of land. I consider this an investment. I bought it undermarket, and will sell it when the market is right. Same with the cars, I never buy new, always pre-owned luxury vehicles. This allows me a taste of the good life, at a fraction of the cost. Yes, it is only transportation, but why not make it fun too? I still maintain a person should fullfill their hearts desire as long as they do it smart and with a good exit plan.
  8. I maybe in the minority here, but I say go for it. I currently have a car loan with about a $6k balance and just been approved to get my dream car...a porsche boxster. I really don't need another car, but want I want a fast, hot car. I have always gone after my heart's desire as far as cars are concerned and have always made out OK. I had a Range Rover (at the time my dream vehicle), but it was a money pit, so I sold it on ebay. No regrets there, because I fullfilled my desire, and unloaded it once it became problematic. I plan on doing the same with the porsche, I will keep until the thrill is gone. You only live once, do what makes you happy, but always have an exit plan when things no longer bring you joy.
  9. Thanks everyone for the information. It has cleared things up from me. I will probably but EQ and EX on ice because TU is my best credit file at the moment. I am looking to apply for a card with NFCU and PSECU. I've been reading this board since Oct. and wiggled my way into a membership with both credit unions. I want to give myself the best chance for an approval and 20k combo. Thanks again for the info.
  10. Hi... I have read in various threads that people are putting their credit files on ice, I guess to avoid unwanted inquires. I'm interested in putting my files on ice for two years. How is this done. OT...what does AAOA mean? (i think that's what I read)
  11. are there any lenders out there that will finance a car this old? It's a 1999 Mercedes from a private owner, about 6k.
  12. Sounds like they are looking for a clean file with no negatives items. This is not good news for me as I have a couple of old dings on my report. I was hoping it was truely score driven. I wish they would stop sending me the invite to apply and getting my hopes up
  13. Hello, I applied for BOA Biz LOC Express and BOA Biz CC. I looked and my Experian report today and saw they did a hard pull. I expected this and I am glad they pulled Experian as it is my best report currently. My question is this: I have a score of 692 with Experian, do you think this will be enough to get an approval? Has anyone received either of these products with a lower score. Thanks for you help.
  14. Ok let me understand...log in, go to request credit limit increase...if the from pops up, then no auto increase, if the form does not pop up what should I expect to see? Thank you for your help:)
  15. Do you know which bureau they will pull? If it's Experian...I'm ok with it, Trans Union or Equifax....forget about it.

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