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  1. Hello everyone! Happy to be on this forum! I have a question about business credit cards. I am a sole proprietor and i would love to use business credit cards with big limits and 0% intro APR to boost my business. The question is, what affect is getting LLC with EIN and DNB gonna have comparing to just putting my name as company name and instead of EIN putting my SSN to get those big limits credit cards? I dont have problem opening LLC in fact i was thinking about it. Please advice! Thanks!
  2. Could you share a link to a threat with info on how you deleted your bankruptcy?
  3. Metro 2 is industry format for data collection and transfer from furnishers to CRAs.
  4. I have Experian premium membership and it offers a lot of different scores such as FICO Bankcard and auto etc for all 3 bureaus
  5. It really works sometimes. But instead if the whole report i would just send investigation results.
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