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  1. Need some advice, I'm really upset right now. I just found out my credit score dropped 101 points because of a late payment reported on my mortgage. I switched to a new bill payment system and fat fingered the mortgage payment amount and paid $2100 instead of $2200. Payment was due on the 1st, I mailed payment on the 10th, they received it on the 16th, I noticed the underpayment on the 33rd day past the 1st, so technically yes, past their 30 days but made the $100 payment immediately. Bank of America reported me as a missed payment. I'm livid and they won't reconsider their decision. Paid on time and never missed a payment since 2006 and this happens. How long will this effect my score and how can I recover from this? Went from 725 to 624, unbelievable.

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