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  1. Thanks for the responses, that’s sort of what I thought. Hegemony, the creditor hit parade includes Patelco, Target, Chase, Barclay’s, and CitizensOne. Centex, the dates of first delinquency vary only slightly, all being 10 or 11/2018. The amounts due are also fairly similar, approx $4,000, except Target which is $600. I had read another of your posts about the Rule 5000 adjustment, but alas these have been charged off for over a year. I would prefer to reach out to the OCs for payment over the course of this year instead of going through the CAs currently working the files. Does paying the OC cement the entry to the reports?
  2. Has anyone had luck with a PFD with the OC for a charge off that was still within their state’s SOL? If my reading serves me right, it’s rare (if not unheard of) but I’d be interested to know people’s experiences and how they went about it. Thanks! maude
  3. Thanks Shifter and Centex! Yeah, I was a bit of a knucklehead regarding the timely dispute process, so that’s not an option for me until the accounts are handed off to the next CA who sends an initial contact. So then for those accounts where the paper is still owned by the OC and they are showing a balance due, if I pay the OC directly, can I reasonably assume that the collections will probably not report? I’ve been reading the pinned thread about paying the OC, and I guess I thought that once the account was charged off and in the hands of a CA there was no way to pay the OC directly even if they still owned it. I understand that’s how it is with a JDB, but I’m talking about when the OC still owns it. I’ve got several of this kind of charge off now reporting, and I want to at least stop the bleeding, so to speak. If I can avoid adding collections reporting to the mix I’d prefer to do that. I’m still in the early stages of all this, working the steps, but I’d like to know if this is an option down the line, ideally before a lawsuit. maudie
  4. Hi everyone! I have several accounts that have charged off, and various collectors have been reaching out for about a year. It’s mostly just letters, since I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know. I’ve received both my IN and EQ paper reports (TU and EX are on the way) and I cannot find that the collection agencies have reported at all. Most of them are collecting on behalf of the OC however one is a JDB. Is it common now for CAs to not report? Are they waiting until I pay and have zero leverage? Granted, they may have reported to TU and EX, so I’ll find out when they arrive, I just thought it odd. I expected to see quite a few entries from CAs on all reports. Anyone else had this happen? maudie
  5. Interesting. Okay, thanks to both centex and IndyPoolPlayer. AmEx did recently lower the limit a little on the Blue, referencing my less than stellar credit as the reason, and my Gold charge is up for renewal next month. We shall see, eh? Which is the death blow: the original default or is it the settling for less than owed?
  6. Hi IndyPoolPlayer! What do do you mean by this? Does AmEx have a history of dropping folks for settling with other cardholders, even if the AmEx accounts are unblemished? Thanks! m
  7. I’m about to jump in and negotiate with a series of collectors, and am wondering the safest method to pay them? I’d rather not send anything with my signature on it, but money orders are difficult to trace the disposition of, correct? How have others done this, and what do you all recommend? Thx, m

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