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  1. Thank you! I appreciate your guidance. This has perplexed me for some time!
  2. Okay, I'm going to ask an off topic question. How do you insert a pic into these post? I've tried and can't figure it out. Is there someplace on this site with instructions where I can look?
  3. Okay, this is wrong. Wrong on so many levels! 🤪
  4. I think I can confirm the article: I have a 850 FICO score on Trans Union and Experian. Equifax is 847. I am over 57 years old 🤪 and I am a Baby Boomer. I have 23 credit cards with the lowest limit at 35K. Many are 75K and two at 100K. I have a mortgage and HELOC. The HELOC reports as revolving. I pay all credit cards off every month, but they report a balance since I pay them after the statement cuts.
  5. Marcus - GM Rewards Card Approved CL - $40,000 Trans Union FICO 850
  6. Do you get the $100 on top of the 4 points for each dollar the gas earned when it was purchased or just the $100 and no 4 points per $?
  7. I hope you clicked on the "View Benefits" just for kicks and giggles?
  8. Amex is to rigid to ever give Apple so much data and so much control. It will be a start up company in my opinion.
  9. Just by selecting the new experience screen. Nothing more.
  10. It you have an option to explore their new website that has a monthly update to the FICO. For me the New website is on the right upper side of the screen after you log into your account. The old screen has a July FICO. The new screen has a September FICO.
  11. When married to my ex we had WFB Private Banking. They would have wiped for me if I had asked! Unfortunately after the split I was no longer treated the same so I moved on. That said, I kept many of the perks 🤣
  12. What UK bank will issue to American in USA? It is denominated in euros or BP?
  13. If you were in California they are precluded from issuing replacement cards that do not require activation. See California Civil Code - Section 1747-1748.95 :: Title 1.3. Credit Cards (1747.05 (a)(2)(b)
  14. AMEX Blue Cash Preferred 100K WFB 100K PENFED 50K US Bank Cash+ 50K US Bank Personal Line of Credit 100K
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