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  1. I never said that a cellphone was a requirement of ADA. Access is a requirement of ADA. The original post said access by cellphone was required by WF. That would be a violation if there were not other methods of access. I didn't write the ADA law and can't help if it doesn't make sense, but I have spent decades dealing with it (in an Executive capacity) and I can tell you that ADA lawsuits are plentiful and very profitable. The law actually requires the most liberal interpretation when accessing if someone is disabled or if they were denied access in any way. Further, the plaintif
  2. First, not having a phone is not a Choice for some. There are people that do not have the resources to house or feed themselves and I would hardly call not having a phone a choice for them. Actually, ADA requires access for any one with a disability. It is called accommodation. As originally posted this is a violation of ADA. Someone later posted that WF gives the option for a voice call, so that likely is their "accommodation." Customers can also go into an office and that is also an accommodation.
  3. Complain to the the Federal Government for disability discrimination. https://www.ada.gov/filing_complaint.htm
  4. Don't consider myself "very wealthy" (and have less assets and income than in your example) but last year I purchased a new vehicle with no money down and 1.99% through my credit union. It is a $45k common SUV. I listed on the application "unemployed". I listed my other income under the "other income" section and they approved the loan. I think that they relied heavily on my tenure as a member and FICO which is 839.
  5. All reports have been Frozen and Opt out in place for years. I also have an extended fraud alert after a serious data breech and loss of laptop with my completed mortgage application package (and all supporting documents) stored on it. I used to bank at WF but closed all accounts there in 2018.
  6. In reviewing my credit report I noticed four inquires from : WELLS FARGO BANK CREDIT EDUCATION Inquired on 02/**/2021 , 01/**/2021 , 12/**/2020 and 11/**/ 2020 (same day each month I used ** to protect privacy) 11625 N COMMUNITY HOUSE RD, CHARLOTTE, NC 28277 I have never had a student loan with WELLS FARGO and my Student loan which was with the US DEPARTMENT of ED was paid off nearly 30 years ago! Can they do this? I live in California and I think my state has strong permissible purpose
  7. Try writing a letter to the CEO of the Bank. Explain the COVID excuse and ask them to consider a "goodwill" reinstatement. Citibank, NA Michael Corbat Chief Executive Officer 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY, 10043 or email him: michael.l.corbat@citi.com
  8. Update: I did retain and attorney who specializes in unfair debt collection. There was a large firm located within an hour of me. He has already sent a letter outlining all of the issues directly to the DME Company general Counsel. I'll update when they respond and how we proceed. Thank you again to Why Chat and everyone who responded. He said I had a really good case and that I provided him excellent documentation which included the rare billing statement (they did not consistently send statements, credit card statements, transaction id information from the bank, telephone logs w
  9. We did file a dispute with the CU and the issuer removed the charge. It says "Security adjustment" and they credited back the unauthorized charge. That was 133 and change. There are still other charges by this DME Company on the card that are older than 60 days and can't be disputed. From March 2020 through May 2020 they went wild. We have the card on auto pay for "statement balance". With the Covid crisis we weren't paying attention. We lost two family members to complications from Covid so we just just on auto pilot. We are usually better gate keepers of our financial matters.
  10. There is an online statement portal it was always blank and they updated it after my call to their General Counsel. It now carries a recent date for every payment and credit. They listed a running list of all payments. No listing of any of the charges and at the end it it says amount owed: $0.00. I ran a total of the payments and then printed out all of our EOB's and the credit card statements. We were charged more than $1800.00 more than the EOB's list as "amount you owe".
  11. I need to know what kind of attorney can help us with an issue with a durable medical equipment company (DME), who is not sending bills and continues charging our credit card without authorization. This is a billing dispute. Over the last two years, my spouse and I both receive quarterly CPAP supplies from this DME company. We get an EOB from our insurance carrier occasionally, but every quarterly order the DME company has collected a credit card number and we have granted authorization for them to charge our co-pay, which is 10% of the total for the supplies after meeting a deductible. Over
  12. Thank you everyone for your responses. This is scary stuff and I feel a little better knowing what's going on. Unfortunately, I have been told this may not be the end of this saga so I am glad Credit Boards is here.
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