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  1. did it age off? do you know the original date of the delinquency; not what the CA is reporting as the open date.
  2. congrats, op! that analyst must have had a really good weekend!!!
  3. i think the reason is because the PP has no preset spending limit and cannot be reallocated. the reason s/he gave sounds bizarre.
  4. the transfer to the checking is legit. if you have a BOA checking account, it's pretty fast.
  5. also...if you put charges on the card before the BT, make sure to pay them off completely before you do the BT, or else you get same effect as putting charges on it after the BT...payments going to the lower rate first.
  6. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?autocom=creditpulls
  7. SW was having problems yesterday...perhaps all of EQ is down.
  8. EQ now? they used to pull TU. congrats, op.
  9. probably not, unless you deposit the money into your checking account and pay from there, which will put you right back where you are now.
  10. no postmark. the return address is SD.
  11. almost threw it out thinking it was an advertisement. kinda strange looking (i know most of you probably get online statements)
  12. they havent updated my pfico in almost a year, and they certainly don't send me offers for 1.99 and 2.99 percent, so i don't know WHY i keep my card open...
  13. what exactly is the reward structure with the more card? how do the categories change?
  14. It's one of the least rewarding cards on the market - for those that have military membership/slipped through the cracks. But hey it's a USAA card, right? well. yeah, but i didnt want to rain on OP's parade.

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