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  1. If approved: Who? Key Bank How many reporting on DnB/Experian Biz? Equifax only (soft so far) Paydex - if available? no Credit limit? $30,000 PG? Terms? revolving Provide them additional information/financials? No docs other than articles Application? (online/in store/phone)? location PA Other info? Stated $300,000.00 actual If denied: Approved Who? How many reporting on DnB/Experian Biz? Reason for denial? Other info?
  2. The score are my FICO_8 scores Experian 800 Equifax is 807 and my Transunion is 709 I disputed the account as not mine. The tradeline came off my Equifax. My Experian seems it about to delete because it has been 28 days and no update yet. Transunion report is the only one that didn't change. I dont know what IDs stand for
  3. In the past this particular account wasn't reporting negatively on my Experian and when I disputed it on my Transunion report the data furnisher re-reported it to my Experian report. Now I just did disputed. the account with the big 3 bureaus and this account dropped totally of my Equifax report. A few days to go on my Experian however my Transunion wasn't changed. Im scared to re-dispute. Because I think i'm okay because Mortgage companies use the middle score and I can try to strategically apply for credit cards that don't use Transunion. This is hard to do living in PA.
  4. I have an account from Ocwen ( mortgage company )that have late payments from 3 years ago. the account is closed and paid in full but I have massive amount of late payments I been disputing this account for a year it finally The account was deleted from my Equifax report bringing that score up to 807. My fingers are crossed because my Experian have 3 more days to get deleted. But my TransUnion was updated as accurate leaving my score 709. My question is> If I dispute the TransUnion account again will Experian and Equifax update showing late payments again? I think this happened in the past but I not sure. Right now Im Exp. 800 Equifax 807 and Transuntion 709

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