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  1. For the first time...in 7 years...my reports are finally clean. All 3 of them. And, with ALL the baddies gone, each now has a score of 700+. Now that I'm entering the post-apocalyptic 'rebuilding phase,' I'd like to apply for some unsecured cards...maybe up to 3, just to start. My question is...how many CC's should I apply for at once? Is applying for 3 too many? There's been discussion over the years...usually surrounding shopping for car loans & mortgages...that if you submit multiple applications 'at once' or close together (within 30 days), you'll usually only get dinged for 1 'hard pull' vs 3-4 or whatever. Anyone have any insight on whether this strategy is correct, and/or would it apply to CC apps as well?

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