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  1. Thanks Max! Hello All!!! We've now established a strong business identity... Questions: Is there a special way we need to "apply" for Net 30 starter accounts? Is it better to call and place the order vs. online? Will they automatically invoice us, or do we have to request that? Are there certain words to use and others to avoid using? Will they be requesting our Business Bank info to start the account? I just feel like we're walking into a loaded Canon, please help. I welcome all who care to jump in. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hello all, I want to first thank everyone for their input and tips which have been extremely informative and make us truly feel ahead of the game. I'm so thankful to be here and reading these amazing posts/replies! We're literally starting our business, and at the very beginning steps of building business credit. My wife and I have personal FICOs in the high 700s and low 800s, and we want to do everything correctly in order to get as many business credit accounts as possible, non-PG. (Our goal is to have credit lines and accounts established to fund as much as possible prior to physically opening our business) So far we've: Received an EIN Filed Certificate of Formation (LLC) with SOS Established Virtual Address (physical office/shared workspace) Google my business We're currently in the process of establishing: Business website Business email Business phone# (411 Listed) Business Bank Account DUNS number My main reason for this post is to time-stamp the beginning of our journey, so that we can share our success along the way. (Because I so enjoyed reading others') Because of you all, I feel comfortable enough and welcome any and all advice. For now my only question is... Does anyone have any special advice for obtaining a DUNS number; other than using the D&B website? Thanks in advance for your support and assistance.

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